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  • Hi Jeffrey and Happy 2014! :nice:
    I'm Marija, your Secret Santa (I forgot to write my username on the letter). I hope you got my postcard? :rolleyes:
    I know this feeling you talk about, I come from a small town in France, I love to comeback for Christmas, even though it's not the most beautiful city, it feels comfortable & familiar, it feels like 'home'. Now that 2012 is here, Im back to searching a job ahah, and trying to be a better person (that's my 2 goals for the new year). Best wishes to you!!
    Hey there!! Happy New Year!! No way you're studying French? How cool is that!! Well, I've chosen to study english because I've always been interested and fascinated with that language (since Im 10 years old or so :) I've been learning english ever since!). You're lucky to attend University in the USA, because it seems that they have a lot of diversity in their options (not as in France unfortunately), I wish I could have studied music (it's my second passion!). Ohhh thats so sweet, thank your little brothers for me, would you? :) I'm so thankful for Secret Santa too because I love to get to know people from different countries with different culture :) How is Washington? I've never been there (but my bestie did ahah ^^). How is it different from Long Island?
    Hey Secret Santa !!!! I just got your christmas package (it was delayed by the post office, for some reason they couldnt find my home or something ahahah) and Im SO SO happy!! Thank you this is amazing !!!!!! As I said in the thread, my dad already stole me one of the two caps ahah, the book is wonderful, Im in love with it!! And as for the card, it was very thoughtful of you to write both in english and in french! I was very moved :) But can I tell you a secret :$? I just graduated College with a degree... in English language, literature and civilization :p I just love everything about English culture :)) Anyway the card is now hanging on my wall!! Oh and can I say you have a beautiful handwriting? Im a bit jealous hehe :p So are you back in Long Island to celebrate the holidays? I hope you have a wonderful Christmas with your loved ones :)

    hi Jeffrey ! i'm Isabelle Chevallier and i send you a post just for say THANK YOU for your card,
    sorry for my english....
    have a very merry christmas ! and an happy new year !
    Haha,ok,so here we go in Hungarian
    Nagyon szépen köszönöm az ajándékokat, gyönyörűek lettek a képeslapok!Kellemes karácsonyt és boldog új évet kívánok Neked és az egész családodnak! :)

    Let me know how much your aunt could understand it;)

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
    aww, that message made my day :blush: i'm really glad you liked the card! :)
    I'd love to visit america - but it's bad that you don't get the singles! You could try ebay or something like that, maybe.
    Manchester was my first concert, i happened to be in front of the butterfly blower so i kind of drowned in them, lol :lol:
    Mmmm... yeah, I like "art exhibition"! :pleased:

    I don't know what's wrong with them :)angry:) but if you say that my English is phenomenal, maybe they're doing their job very well!!:laugh3:
    Oh my god, you get a driving licence at 16?!?:whaaat:
    We can take ours at 18!!It's not fair!
    I tried to take mine last year, but it was too hard because I was in my last year of high school (exams, other evil teachers that like to :whip: poor, innocent students, and so on), so I had to give up!:(
    It was like following two courses at university, and I hadn't the time!:cry2:
    I think that now I'm just too lazy to take out that book and start to study on it AGAIN!
    It's a pity, because I CAN already drive, but all I miss is that little, pink, plastic card...:shifty:

    Anyway, You asked me to tell you about my school :)
    Well, I'm not so into it at the moment, because I'll be studying only English until December, and in January I'll start the real university with the courses and all that stuff( It's a special program for those non-English speakers who want to improve their English) But I'm quite happy of it, because I had the opportunity to learn how the American learning system works, for it's sooo different from the Italian one!I think that, in a way, it's better than ours.
    I haven't decided yet what I want to do in January...:thinking: I'd like to study either International Affairs or English Literature...yeah, I know that they're two very different subjects, but I like both...:blush:

    And...mmm...my weekend has been basically this: on Friday morning I went to the gym, then after lunch I went out with a friend to buy some stuff at the supermarket, then in the afternoon/evening I made fifteen or so pages of exercises. On Saturday morning I woke up VERY late :rolleyes: , then I discovered that it was raining heavy, and I couldn't go out because I had forgotten my rainy boots at home (my real home, in Roseto :) ).So, I made like ten other pages of exs.On the rest of the day I went out and made an essay.
    This morning I went to that "art exhibition" :D, then it started to rain again, so I made the other essay and finished the exs. And now I'm here, really tired, because it's 1:44 in the morning, and tomorrow (ok, today!) I have to wake up at seven!:cry2:

    In fact, I think that I'd better go to bed now! <----Last lesson about modals!!! :dance:

    And you?What did you do, except from driving? (LUCKY YOU!!):p

    Your Italian friend!:D
    I'm learning how to use it, too, because I'm pretty new in this community, but I managed to learn some basic things!:D
    But you can ask me anything you want, and if I don't know how to use it, I'll try to figure it out!:cool2: :laugh1:

    Anyway, I would have enjoyed my weekend more, if my teachers hadn't gave me forty pages of exercises and two essays! :dead:
    They're :whip: us!!
    But this morning went to a "painting show"( I don't know how to call it :thinking: ) in the centre of Rome, and it was soooo beautiful!:)
    I'm starting to explore Rome everytime I can, and it's really a wonderful city!

    And what about your weekend?Are you enjoying it?:)
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