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  • Ohh great!

    Well I have not been to many concerts :(:( I have a veru short list, but let's see...

    1. Coldplay BCN 6.9.08
    2. U2 BCN 360 tour! The first concert of the tour! 31.6.09
    3. Coldplay BCN 4.9.09

    and that's all! Well I saw Miguel Bosé who is a famous spainsh singer because he played for free! and then all the supporting bands (Snow Patrol the best!, then The sunday drivers, Flaming lips and Albert Hammond Jr.)... I wanted to go to a Travis concert but I wasn't able and now they are not together!!!!! :(

    I want to see Franz Ferdinand and Muse and the other bands again... and any other concert!

    And you??
    Hi!! Did your party win (if you don't mind I ask you...).

    I meant the Little Prince... it's a bit slow sometimes don't you think?
    Well it's been quite boirng long day.. as usual.. what about you?
    not anytime soon. i think. :bigcry: oi, available ka ba this weekend?

    edit: hindi na pala makakluwas si ioshi. sa june na tayo magkikita kita. :(
    possible na pumunta pa rin sila but not anytime soon. i dont see it coming this year, for sure. definitely not next year. i dont know. :shrug:
    oh well. though i don't think that the band has broken up. eto lang siguro gagawin niya sa hiatus period ng band. i just don't like the fact that thekillers website was used for his solo project. brandon flowers is not the killers. :(
    joch. if you don't know yet, it's a solo album from none other than mr. flowers himself.

    go visit thekillersmusic.com/index <= not to sure kung tama yung url. basta sa official website ng the killers, may countdown!!! no idea kung para saan. :p
    Well I've done a Philosphy exam today, so I studied during the weekend... my world is full of philosophy, at least this week...
    Yeah I love to meet people too!
    How do your classes go??
    Ohh! I'm starting to fall in love with that book! It's a bit special, I mean... I don't think everybody would like it.... :S Do you like philosophy? The book is about a girl called Sofia that receives letters form a... well I still don't know who... and the letters explain her the history of Philosophy... it's very interesting because it combines the beautiful story of Sophia and the history of philosophi. And I love the game with the title, "The world of Sophia" Sofia, the greek world of knowledge (more or less) Filo-sofia.
    It's really good :)

    How was your weekend though?
    Hii! (Is you name Jochelle??)
    I finally bought Sophia's world... it's of philosphy's history. How does Little Prince go?
    Ohhh The Little Prince! I've already read it! It is really common here to read it at school,... It's good, a bit strange but I there's much more to read than what is written, you know what I mean?...
    Today is Sant Jordi (Saint George) and it's the book and rose's day... I will tell you later what book I finally buy....
    The last book in English that I read was The Great Gatsby... I really like it.
    Hi!!! I have seen you on Sol page... and I thought I'm gonna meet her!
    How are you?
    So you are teacher?? And what do you teach and what ages?
    I'm interensted in reading too and I'm starting to read original English books and I'm so happy! Tell me, do you know any book that I could read in English and which is not a very high level???
    Thanks! I'm Tere by the way and I'm from Spain.

    ay oo nga pala. kasi wala akong load nung nagtxt ka. nakalimutan ko na tuloy. :laugh3::laugh3: hindi eh. wala akong alam na kanta niya eh. :laugh3: kilala ko lang siya bilang ex ni jessica simpson at jennifer aniston. :p ikaw ba?

    any saturday? sige. tignan ko. text kita kapag pwede ako ng april 24. darating kasi parents ko ng 22. so, hindi ko pa alam kung may lakad or anything. :wacky:
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