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  • Nothing ever happens and I don't like a lot of the people there.
    Aww. That's okay though. Watching it at home is just as good! I got mine on Monday, I've already watched it a billion times and I'm going to watch it again. :D :heart:
    I know. It's so awesome. I always want to know what they're laughing about too. ;) Especially Jonny and Chris..:wink3:
    Yeah, I've been doing okay. It's just so boring.
    I know. It was thirteen weeks yesterday. And I saw the movie in theaters too, which made the post concert depression even worse. I want to go back! :cry:
    I KNOW it's so awesome with the xylobands and Chris throwing the guitar on GPASUYF and ahh :heart:
    I do to. I love London too, it just sounds so great from what everyone says. :)

    Write whenever you have time. It's okay. :)
    I know!! Only a week left!!
    Oh, it's fine. School's been difficult over here too. :/
    And if they were there..even though they won't probably, that would be amazing. There's a chance I might be able to go to London in 2014. If I did I'd make sure I went to the Bakery. :awesome:
    AHH AMAZING! How was it? Total perfection you couldn't handle?
    I saw them in Chicago, I still haven't gotten over it. It was the most amazing thing. :heart:
    I know right? I don't even know if I could handle meeting him..At least, in my dream, he didn't run away. Instead he was going to say he loved me. :heart: Then I woke up. :(
    I can't even handle it right now..Tonight I will be in the same room as him. Ahh. I'd love to meet them all. :D
    I know. I had another one, with just Chris..It's like, of all of them, Chris is always the one who ends up being my best friend. Yes! I thought it was so real last night, and I woke up extremely depressed. :(
    Yes..My heart melts whenever I see him smiling, it's like, please stop killing me. Such perfection. :dazzled:
    It was a nightmare except Chris was my best friend. (Hugs and hand holding and everything.) :D
    I know right..It's almost too much to bear. And his accent..I die when I listen to him. :heart:
    On the other hand, I suppose there will be new shows announced for after the Mylo Xylotour, such as Australian dates they've promised, so our shows won't be the very last :rolleyes:
    Oh, so it's even later than mine (and that's almost impossible :D ) I think they'll make it magical, because it's the last :nice: and I don't believe it will be as good on my show - I'm afraid the boys will be too tired after all this touring : (
    Hi, I think it doesn't belong to the Apparatjik thread :D I'm going to the Warsaw show. Which one are you going to?
    Hi Lena,

    herzlich willkommen hier! Leider ist im Deutschen thread nicht viel los. In der "heissen Phase" vor den Deutschen Konzerten wirds sicher wieder etwas belebter!
    Hallöchen! :D Eigentlich wollte ich nur sagen, dass ich die letzten paar minuten damit verbracht habe, auf deinen avatar zu starren (auch wenn das bild nicht echt ist) :lol:
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