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  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOVELY GIRL :nice: :vuvuzela:

    Hope you enjoy this day to the max. Have a great time :)
    I'm German



    Yes but 2 months is better than two years! :cheesy:
    hOLY CRAP this morning I had a nasty ass sexual hannigram dream that just came out of the blue O__O

    They were fucking right in front of my eyes LOLOMG :freak:
    Something stupid for a change

    http ://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DOWbvYYzAzQ

    if you use headphones, turn the volume DOWN, it gets loud
    I believe you suffer from fangirlism :nod:

    It's a very vicious disease that can only be cured by...

    umm... how can I put this nicely :uhoh:



    You have to make these:


    with this person:


    ...this totally didn't help you at all, did it :|
    I'm just gonna leave this here:
    http ://undertheseaeverythingsbetter.tumblr.com/post/87773027260

    You know what, I was asking me the same, and then I stopped myself from thinking any further because honestly, I don't eVEN WANNA KNOW :sick:

    plus the other 24685139 questions, yeah.
    I really hated Hannibal at the end where he was sitting in the plane looking all smug with himself :angry:
    He's totally giving us the middle fingers :blank:

    Not that i mind though :charming:
    Please don't tell me I'm alone with finding this man covered in blood very nice to look at *__*

    Yes they are, but they're so over the top! :lol:

    Oh shit man, okay, then I'll not bother you with anything Hannibal related tomorrow because I'm not gonna spoil you :)

    Have fun at your grandparents :awesome:
    tumblr is fucking scary man:

    http ://sadako-xd.tumblr.com/post/85904453150/my-personal-favorite-hannibal-gifs-part-1-d


    Normal = Waking up with a normal breathing/heartbeat rhythm and not looking around nervously :lol:

    They're so intense at times that I need several seconds while being already AWAKE to realise that there is no lava flowing through my room or that I am, indeed, not having a rotting corpse lying on top of me. Seriously, I wanna quit my brain sometimes :lol:

    I know I KNOW :bomb: Ugh, it will be so terrible to wait for another season :bomb: In the meantime I'm gonna watch The Following, True Detective, Game Of Thrones and other good series to survive the break :bomb:
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