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  • They definitely did have the style right back then, so that's awesome that you dress like that! And words can't describe how jealous I am of you seeing Muse live! :p I HAVE to see them in concert soon...

    If I'm at school I usually try to wear polo shirts, but wearing those too often makes me feel like one of those 'bros' lol, so I mix it up with dress shirts here and there where I usually roll up the sleeves. During the winter though I wear this one jacket in particular that among my friends and family has pretty much become synonymous with my own personal style.
    I'm not so sure my style would necessarily be called 50's. I just try to always dress with class. :p But I definitely love the style of the 40's through the 60's.
    I think it'd be a little repetitive to say that I like Coldplay haha, but I like a lot of indie rock, folk and pop, with some more mainstream stuff like Coldplay and U2 and plenty of oldies mixed in there. As for music from the 40's and 50's, I mostly listen to traditional pop hits like Lily Marlene and G.I. Jive. Oh and Frank Sinatra of course. :D
    Hmm, well for starters your profile pictures, then your various 60's references and then saying how you belong in the 60's. You know, subtle little things lol
    Right now I'm headed to public speaking. Then I've got precal and Spanish 3 later in the day. Good luck with the paper :p I had intro to sociology last semester. What do you think of it so far?
    Go to youtube and type in Brothers. Its a movie with Tobey and Jake Glynenhal. Tobey is amazing in that movie. :awesome:
    Scary but good :nod: School's staring in less than a week... I can't believe it's already the end of holidays. But I can easily say these were the best holidays in my life so far. :wacky: I was in a summer English language school in London, if you don't know that already. And I just miss that time :cry: But I fell in love with England and now my dream is to go to a university in London :wacky:
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