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  • Hello fellow Coldplayer friend!! Just wanted to drop by and hello and see how you were doing! Hope all is well with you! I love my Coldplayer family <3 Everybody is so sweet on here it warms my heart! Take care hun!
    Hey, please make sure to stop by the "Coldplay cover..." thread in the Coldplay section to Vote for which song to do! Thanks! : )
    Thank you! I paint my nails too much, so I made a blog to document it. And Coldplay + nail polish? I never want to take this mani off! :D
    Whoops! I did. I'm not very good with this forum stuff, haha! Chris is beautiful. That's so sweet! I saw that online. (I'm not going to lie, I was a little jealous.) Yes! We'll definitely need to follow them to Canada. It's seriously the most adorable picture, ever! They look so young there. But, NO! I haven't seen that! I REALLY need to see it now!!!!
    I was actually at the Tampa concert, but I had the time of my life, too! Chris Martin is such a doll, and they were absolutely amazing live! I'm crushed now that it's over, though. I don't know what to do with myself anymore! D:
    They did go to a few cities more than once on their Viva tour. Hopefully they'll somehow go to Houston and Miami both a 2nd time around :)
    Good luck with that, I'm sure you'll be able to do it! I don't really have anything planned unless they come back to Houston, they had 3 different concerts in Houston last time, so hopefully sometime later next year they'll come back and I'll be able to go.
    Haha, that was my first show and it was absolutely amazing. That's why I was so surprised at how great it turned out to be. I'm really lucky that I was able to see them from so close. I moved away a little from my friend when I was singing to he wouldn't think that I was too weird lol.
    I know exactly how you feel haha. There's like a part of me that thinks it wasn't real because after watching like hundreds of their videos online they felt '2D' but seeing Chris jumping and running made everything so much more different. I was a bit nervous in the beginning of the concert I went to, but after Viva I was singing everything as loud as I possibly could lol.
    I was so excited when I made eye contact with him and touched him! It was truly unreal. Lol I'm a 'germophobe' so I kinda had to lol
    Oh no my older sister is singing a song about how nobody loves her because my mom didn't get the chance to make her a grilled cheese.
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