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  • Oh, one more thing. Did you make a mobile with butterfly confetti? I am thinking of making one.....
    Hi Alison,

    I hope Guy will start tweeting again, too. It is an excellent way to communicate and he once said, 'it is addictive.' I think some tweets on Apparatjik are from Guy. What do you think?
    Hey Alison! Yeah, that whole day she was supposed to leave was just weird. And I had gone to security not five minutes after she lost the necklace and they swore up and down there was no necklace...but then when she went back two days later I thought, well let's just check and lo and behold lost and found had her necklace! Anyway, VERY glad she did not get on that initial plane. Eeek!

    Glad you dropped by, I've not been on much either.

    Any more thoughts about a favorite DC episode? I'm still working my way through season 5...again :shame: Hahaha!
    Thank you so much for the card Alison! And the little butterfly. I love the blue one; I only got 5 from my concert, and they were all yellow (really, I wasn't trying to make a joke there :tongue:). Which concert was this butterfly from?
    Hey Allison! I got your replacement card today! :dance:

    I really want to thank you for it! It made my day! The laminated butterfly is my new bookmark. :dance::p

    Thanks again, I'll try to post pics on the SS thread! :kiss:!
    Hey Alison,

    Wishing you all the best for 2010!
    Hopefully the new year & the new decade will be filled with happiness & success for you :)

    Ok, I've taken notes!!!:D Thank you for the tips! :p
    (I told him what you wrote, and how it sounded like it was instructions on how to deal with a child:lol:, I think he texted you complaining:laugh3:)
    And Yes, I did go see Sherlock Holmes on Christmas Day night. The movies were packed!! Had to go to two different places, 'cause 1st one was so packed we wouldn't have gotten decent seat:stunned:. Btw, the movie was great! :thumbsup: How's your Christmas hangover, btw???
    I saw on twitter you are getting more snow...we just had almost 24hrs of constant rain--has melted all the remains from last week's blizzard:dance: Streets are clean again!!! See ya:hug:
    Haha, this time last week I was stuck on a train outside Taunton having kittens!!

    Hope you had a lovely Christmas, I had a nice day yesterday with my middle daughter but she's gone to Finland today to join my other kids so I'm here on my own for a week which includes my birthday and NYE. Hey ho, empty nest sydrome I guess. I've been cleaning "the nest" for the past two hours so something good has come of it at least and I've got my lovely memories of Exeter to cheer me up. :)

    Take care, love Carol XXXXX
    Yes, I seem to be the only one who was sober for Christmas...boo!!! But I'll make up for it on New Year's! I'm determined :p Hope your hangover isn't too terrible today...
    Oh, and you're welcome, it was just a little somethin', glad they made it on time and in one piece! I was so excited when I found out my Secret Santa was you!!!:hug:
    Oh btw, Chris told me to ask you about his dietary requirements--no sugar, no caffeine, no chocolate:laugh3: Did I miss anything else that would make him unbearable to deal with???:uhoh::p
    aww I hope it will arrive there soon, I sent it around ermm dec 10, 11th too :p

    hope you had a nice christmas :D

    and yeah, I think it was a big success too! I'm very happy about it! thanks a lot for all the help! :dance:

    have a nice weekend :D
    Als, Merry Christmas!!!! :santa:
    Hope you have a great time at your folks and have a fantastic 2010!!! :kiss:

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