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  • So, Christa sent me a link of a bus company with very cheap prices... going to visit you to Pittsburgh sounds so tempting now :wacky:
    Hahaha, but it's yellow! :wacko:

    Ohhh, you are an evil, EVIL woman! :whip: Why do you come and tempt me with a trip that I can't make right now... Although the price is pretty cheap :uhoh2: NONONO, I can't! :bomb: Damn it, you suck! :snobby:

    Love oyu and miss you though! :lol: :kiss:
    Pittsburgh! Yep, I definitely see that as a new viable Coldplay-gig location, haha. I'm sure I can convince Noelia and Christa too...but maybe I'll drive to PA this time to avoid tickets etc :p.

    I just finished my undergrad and am back in America for the next month. My graduation ceremony isn't til July 20, though, so I'll be going back to England for that in July...and hitting up Coldplay at Oxegen Fest in Ireland on the way, haha. After that, I have no concrete plans right now but job-hunting starting in August...I'm looking for ANYTHING music-related in NYC, preferably something that looks OK on a resume for better music-related things in NYC.

    CONGRATS on grad school, BTW! :D I'm sure it'll be awesome.
    SARAH! :cheesy:

    I think I do need help. It's not just CPing, though, it's like everywhere :lol:. Most people that discuss music on the internet are teenagers :disappointed:.
    Hope everything goes well and you can move in August :nice: woahh :lol: too bad you couldn't get tickets :( I read he will tour the US soon though, so maybe you can see him again :wacky:
    Paul was the best concert ever, Live and Let Die fireworks were too awesome :bomb: I went with my friend and she went crazy during that song :wacky: I just read he wants to tour the US soon :eek:

    Where are you moving? :eek: see, you're all grown up :p I'll let you know if it works, I just need to get a visa to get there :uhoh:

    have a nice week :nice:
    Hey! :nice:

    It was the best thing ever :bomb: so amazing :D woahh you're a grown up person now :wacky: I'm fine, still at school but it should end soon, probably in December :p Also planning a little trip to NY after that and working a bit :wacky:

    Huugs :hug:
    Thanks, Sarah! I think Ian was playing games with me by releasing my name last, because I told him I needed to know ASAP because I was leaving the house...sigh :p. Anyway, THANK YOU, and I'll be sure to give a huuuuge report back right after it happens! I wish everyone could come...
    Hey, aren't you supposed to be napping?! :whip:
    I've just been running around like a chicken-without-a-head for the past 2hrs trying to figure out if/how I could go to this CPing-boat thing :bomb: haha and now I gotta run around trying to get outta the house and do errands before work!
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