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  • That's great but I live out here in the U.S (I don't know if you live within the states) if your able to ship it ill gladly give you the address and pay for it
    Hey technicolor_color My name is kenjiast and I'm kinda new to coldplaying I was wondering if you still had that coldplay jacket patch I'm trying to construct a look a like jacket Chris wears and if you know where I can obtain a similar jacket, that would be much appreciated
    thank you so much for your nice letter, the photos and the MX confettis! I really love them. And you have a great handwriting!
    Hi, how's the mixtape review doing? You can also give short one otherwise like Black Rose did, or say that you don't have time so that we can hand the tape to someone else to review it. All right?
    No problem! I am glad you replied and I am sure the others will be happy to hear that you still want to review the mixtape you got handed over :)

    I should actually be like you :disappointed: looking for a job harder instead of going to this forum all the time.
    Thank you so much for leaving that sweet message :) I really try to come on the site a lot these days but as schoolwork becomes heavier, I fear it will be too hard to come on so often.
    You should go and write motivational life books or something :lol: Amazing where you get all that positive energy from, I'm usually quite cranky during exams, haha! But thanks for the encouraging words hon!
    Ariel!:D It's been a long time ;) I'm fine thank you, going through a stressful school period but everything's okay! How are you? :) Aww that's so nice!! Take care too ♥
    Aw, thanks for that! I really need a little cheering up today, and you just did it!:D Hope all's well with you too. It really is a great family of fans.:D
    Thank you =)
    pretty well, although everything is a bit confusing since I started studying...but that's gonna be fine ;)
    Coldplayers Exist!! :D
    How are you doing, are you alright?
    Hi Ariel! I'm doing good, thank you! A bit busy because of upcoming exams, but apart from that it's all good. So sweet of you to ask! How are you doing yrself?:) x
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