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    Coldplay should ditch Eno.

    Imagine Chris Martin singing, "And I STIIIIIIIILLLLLLL haven't found what I'm looking foooorr... "
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    Coldplay should ditch Eno.

    I think Viva La Vida is their best album yet. The only problem that Eno brought along with him on this album was the U2 sound... which isn't to say that Coldplay weren't beginning to sound like U2 already, Johnny Buckland did emulate The Edge on X&Y in quite a few places, but this was the album...
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    "Strawberry Swing" video - RELEASED! (20th July 2009)

    WTH? How come I never knew about this? lol This is great!
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    Hello..... from India!

    Thanks, guys, already liking this place a lot.
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    My interpretation/meaning of Violet Hill

    My interpretation: It was a long and dark December From the rooftops I remember There was snow, white snow Here, he is a soldier, probably in some war, probably on the border, during December, the snow covering the roads and buildings... Clearly I remember From the windows they were...
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    The Viva La Vida (song) meaning thread!

    BTW, just thought I should post this here.. These are the official lyrics from
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    I'm probably one of the few people who loves the books and has, yet, immensely enjoyed all of the movies so far. Really excited for Half-Blood Prince, just a month away!
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    What's up with Twilight?

    Never read the books, and after watching the movie, never will. Twilight was just boring and a mediocre movie. Felt like some bunch of amateurs wrote and directed it. The screenplay was just terrible, with laughably ridiculous and cliched lines scattered throughout. The thing is that since...
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    Your favourite 5 bands at the moment... in no order are...

    Atm: 1. Coldplay 2. Radiohead 3. Muse 4. Linkin Park 5. Breaking Benjamin
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    Top 5 Most Overrated Bands Of All Time

    Yeah, never got into The Beatles... don't care about their music whatsoever. U2 as well, never cared about them.
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    Hello..... from India!

    Lol, it meant, "Hello, my friends." Probably the only other Spanish sentence I know is, "Yo no hablas Español," which translates to, "I do not speak Spanish." :D And thank you, yes, I do believe I'm gonna enjoy this place very much.
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    X&Y album would have been better...

    X&Y wasn't a bad album, it just wasn't as good as a couple of the other Coldplay albums (still better than Parachutes IMO). What hurt the album weren't specific songs, it was just that the entire album felt... same. The songs weren't too dissimilar from each other. Most of the songs were...
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    What Coldplay song do you think is the best lyrically?

    Must say Viva La Vida. Great "role playing" by Chris Martin, who very believably dons the role of a fallen King. Second best will have to be The Scientist. That entire song is just great.
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    Guitarist Joe Satriani sues Coldplay for plagiarism

    I'm tired of this Joe Satriani sh...stuff. Going by his logic, you could find similarities between just about ANY two songs in the world. Not to mention, there are only so many notes/chords/whatever in music. There's bound to be some song whose chord progression is very similar to some other...