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  • I know! I saw this morning and just thought :bomb:
    And they play a lot of songs each concert (compared to certain other bands *cough*).
    They really need to announce dates, this is getting so annoying.
    Yeah it's been a LONG time... I remember Loser, but I haven't followed him at all since then.
    / I'm lame
    I should go on iTunes and listen to song previews on his albums.
    Seems like it would be cool... although I'm not very familiar with most of them. I like how it says there is no overlap in the artists, so that means you won't run the risk of missing an artist that you like because you're watching another one that you like.
    GA. Not the best seats in the world, but my sister was the one who surprised me with the tickets, and I'm just happy to be in the same building with RH at the same time. I'll be the one in the very back screaming, cheering, and singing like a maniac. :dance: :smug:
    Yeah, I've watched dozens of different performances by them on TV and the internet, so I have an idea of how amazing they are live. But I know that actually being at the concert will be the absolute most awesome thing. :wideeyed:
    Yeah, I did take a quick peek at it the other day! I was actually looking for your thread in the Lounge because I recall you wanted a mod to move it to WoM after a few days, but then I realized it was already in WoM so somebody else must have put it there.
    You should bump your thread here whenever you update your blog! So for example, when you update your blog for the Tycho concert, post in your thread here to let people know. imho
    I imagine it would be mentioned on atease. I also saw something on the ACL site that if you like the site on facebook, they'll post it there too. I guess there's very short notice; apparently they pick the winners a week before the performance.

    So when do you think they'll have more US dates? Do you think they'll squeeze the dates in the last half of March, late April and the first few weeks of June? Or do you think they'll wait until the fall?
    Are you going to try to get tickets for the ACL taping whenever they have the lottery? My understanding is that it will be very short notice between the time they announce the winners and the date of the taping, so it would be a lot of last-minute planning. That would be the downside.
    I like the way she was saying I was going about it the wrong way by being aggressive towards religious people like her (who don't appear to want better rights for homosexuals and who symapthise with people who continue to spread homophobia to anyone they convert or the children they spawn), when I'm simply hoping for sensible people who read to see what happens, rather than trying to get her to change her mind. She's a lost cause. She thinks homosexuals are 'smug douche bags' for calling out religion.
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