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    Last Album that you bought/acquired?

    Daft Punk Alive 2007. oooo yeahhhh
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    Bloc Party

    when i can, i use my SLR - Nikon D80 - and use whatever manual options i see fit for the lighting.. i usually have it on shutter priority actually. but in big venues i dont risk bringing in my SLR (like for bloc party) and ive recently switched over to using a Canon SD800. where i have...
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    So how much did you pay for In Rainbows?

    i preordered the discbox. damn american dollar.. sigh. lol
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    The Radiohead - In Rainbows Thread

    :smug: i like!
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    did someone just say sufjan stevens!??! lol
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    Bloc Party

    pictuuuuuresss!!!! not as good as i wanted them to be.. but better than nothing :) as usual. the rest are here:
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    Beirut from the concert last night :)
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    A Weezer Thread

    actually there have been news of a new album in 2008. they never really officially split i was like a break.. my favorite album is Pinkerton and then the Blue album. oh the good ol days lol
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    Your favourite 5 bands at the moment... in no order are...

    Sufjan Stevens Spoon Beck Flight of the Conchords LCD Soundsystem
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    Sufjan Stevens

    :o ...
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    Okkervil River

    yay! okkervil river!!!! :D
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    Battle Of The Musical Acts 2007: Finals: Act 2

    1 - Snow Patrol vs. Radiohead 2 - Sigur Ros vs. Arcade Fire
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    he's actually got one on each arm :) u can see the other one in this pic:
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    Battle Of The Musical Acts 2007: Round 3

    1 Death Cab For Cutie vs. Arcade Fire 2 Blur vs. Snow Patrol 3 Radiohead vs. The Beatles 4 Sigur Rós vs. Keane
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    pictures! u can see some members from Arcade Fire in the last pic.. they came out for the encore. :D the rest of the pics are here: enjoy!