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  • David Byrne :thumbsup:

    I haven't listened to that album with St. Vincent. Did you like it? Do you listen to Talking Heads?
    I remember that I downloaded it back in 2009 because someone on a forum I used to post told me about it.:surprised:

    Well, talking about TH, I'd suggest starting from Remain In Light or Speaking In Tongues because people usually like them the most.
    Strange Overtones is a indeed a pretty addicting song and also the one that got me into his music :nod: :wacko:
    Oh, that's awesome! :wacky:
    Glad that you're getting into Talking Heads, it's one of my favorite bands of all time.
    I really love the two albums he made with Eno(My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts and Everything That Happens...), Look Into The Eyeball and Grown Backwards.
    Why would they want to make him appeal to a guy who wants to buy the cologne?! Or am I getting the wrong picture here? Yes, I definitely think I am. :shrug:
    OMG, I know the guy ("Children Of Men",right). I swear I didn't recognize him. Yeah, the way he looks at you... ugh *shivers* Soz. Is he your latest infatuation? Whatever happened to Christian Bale?
    Violet, who is that man in your avatar? I can't recognize him (an actor or something?)/ dumb Anyway, he gives me the creeps. :uneasy:
    Heya! Variety's the spice of life and all that; I'd rather people all disagreed with me and could back up their opinions than they said things like "MX beats T2L because I like it better track for track."

    I enjoy our chats too :) Nice to talk to someone intelligent!
    Naw, I'd go as far as saying you're one of the most popular posters here.
    Is "sparks" in your username related to Coldplay's "Sparks"? I quite like it.
    Anyway, I hope you're enjoying the summer, I intend to from today on (just finished my last exam :jubilant: )
    Hiya, thanks for accepting me as a friend :) (although there has been no notification to confirm it :thinking: ) You seem like an interesting member of this forum :nice: I'm Quentin btw.
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