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  • Hi Morven! :nice: ah I know we haven't talked like for ages! :sad: sorry it took me so long to answer, I'm in Lapland now with my family and we only have this crappy net here so :D
    Yeah I looked through it as well, there's some pretty amazing stuff there :stunned: can't believe they're giving away the globe and all!! I know they're all so expensive, but I participated to the lottery :nice: haha yeah the glasto wellies are funny :lol:
    I'm spending christmas in Lapland here with my family in a cottage that we rented. It's so beautiful here when everything's so white and it snows all the time. :wacky: so how are you? and how are you spending your christmas? :wacky:
    Oh and did you get your secret santa card already? and did your person already get your card? :smiley:
    Merry Christmas Morven, hope that everything's going well :kiss:

    Good evening .:VivaLaVida:. (though it's almost near morning all the way over there!!!), I was absolutely thrilled to receive your card in the mail and I must say its the most lovely thing I've ever seen! You really did a great job at not only putting a smile on my face, but on the faces of my two younger brothers as well. In addition, you've helped teach my whole family that kindness and being able to give is not simple regional, and that any one person can have a huge affect on someone else no matter how far away. Thank you so much, for the Violet Hill single as well as the card, the butterflies, and everything! Would you believe we don't get te singles over here :p? Oh the USA haha, we can certainly be backwards at some (or most, or all) things hahaha! But how I'd love to visit England!!! Though I went to a concert this summer, I was too high up in the stands to get any butterflies, so they mean something extra special :D. Thank you SO much and have a WONDERFUL Christmas season!

    Your friend Jeff from New York :D! Let me know if there's anything I can do for you!!!
    I'm sure it will! :kiss: no matter if it doesn't turn out perfect, the idea is the main thing and I'm sure the person will appreciate it!! :nice:
    Haha well what your suppose to do at school then, STUDY?? :stunned: :lol:
    Oh okay, tell me when you find out more about it okay? :smiley: I live quite near Helsinki, takes like 2-2.5 hours to get there. I'm actually going there this weekend with my friend who's going to a singing competition :D I'm so excited for her! :wacky: have you got any plans for weekend?
    Great to hear. :kiss: thanks I already feel a bit better :nice:
    Thank you so much! yeah I know I'm so excited, can't wait to see who got me :p I think I'm gonna do it tomorrow as well. At least start doing it then
    Okay, I know I always use the internet at school :whistle: it's cool.
    REALLY? it would be so awesome to meet!!! :awesome: do you know which town you'll be visiting in finland? :wacko:
    Hi!! :nice: no problem hun, actually my mum could do the same if she'd knew how lazy I've been with school work lately. :whistle: I'm fine thanks, just a bit sick and have so much school things to do. blahh. But I'm so excited about the secret santa and exhibition room, I have no idea what kind of card I'll be doing but I think I'm gonna do it this weekend. Did you already do yours?
    That picture is really beautiful!! so peaceful. :nice: Thank you Morven :kiss: eventually I decided to send this one and one other that is not on my flickr. I think the bulb that won is great! simple but still not too simple.

    So how are you? did you already get your internet back permanently? :wacko:
    I KNOW!! :lol:
    That's nice :smiley: I'm gonna design my card on weekend but now I'm super excited about the exhibition room thing!!!! I screamed out loud when I saw that answer in my email!! :stunned:
    ooh sounds cool, I don't have any good photos from summer though. :D I have no idea what I'm gonna send!!! :confused: I don't have any good photos that are LANDSCAPE! :( here I put few photos on flickr today. But they're not good.. I'd love to send a picture of some of my drawings but I don't have a scanner and if I take a picture it sucks anyway :\ I'll send something tomorrow so we'll see. Can I see your photo that you're gonna send somewhere? :nice: if you have decided it by now? :)
    That's great! :smiley: I know my first Coldplay concert was extra special as well. :heart: You know I thought that I was never gonna see them and then I was there and they were playing there right in front of me. Well you know, you experienced it as well. It was so unbelievable, good times! :cry::heart:
    Yes I am, I'm so excited!!! are you? I'm gonna start doing the card next weekend. :wacky: this is so exciting, can't wait to see what the person thinks of my card and whose card I'm gonna get!
    Yeah I love it :nice: you're so lucky :D
    Yeah it was definitely the best day of my life!! it was so amazing! no I came with my aunt cause I'm not 18 yet so it would've been difficult and my parents wouldn't ever let me there alone! :D
    Then you're totally coming! :nice: it was a coldplaying party at wembley haha :smiley: awesome. And it will be too next time they have a gig there! I hope you can go then. And I'm so coming then cause then I'm 18 :p and it's only question of money but I'm already saving :lol: aww you're so sweet :hug: that would be so great! :nice:
    But you were at the Manchester gig just about a week before wembley gigs? I bet it was amazing?? :nice:
    That's cool! :smiley:
    No it's really not :lol: there's nothing here :( I don't like the culture really.. you know, finnish people are quite shy and quiet and stuff so. If I compare it to for example UK, well when I was there at the wembley gig and before that on a trip it was so lovely. People were really lovely and you know accepting and didn't look you like a crazy perv when I went to talk to them :lol:
    But I quess Finland's safe and stuff but still. BORING. NOTHING here! :( but great if you liked it :nice:
    I don't have a credit card so it's difficult. My parents have but they don't really like to order from foreign countrys.

    Thank you Morven :hug: I hope I didn't sound too ungrateful :uhoh: I'm just so depressed cause I want to the UK so badly.. :disappointed: I belong there!! It felt like home to me when I was there
    Exactly! :lol:
    Sounds great! You live in Manchester? that is so cool, Finland doesn't have any good second hand CD shops. at least not here where I live. I wish it would have though. Strawberry Swing CD?? wow I'd want to have it sooo badly!! :wacko: can't have it anywhere from finland. :( I wish so so so much that I would live in UK!!
    Yesterday was quite fine thanks. :nice: Pretty boring though, I just went to school and when I got back home I just spent time on here and studied. This morning I felt a bit sick and I was sooo tired so I decided to stay at home. :D I would've had only six hours of school anyways.
    I know!!! :stunned: the probability for that is like one out of million! well maybe not but still :D
    I really thought that too :lol: it was insane.
    I think that was my chance and I'll never get another one :disappointed: but hey at least I saw that they are like real human beings and not gods or something!! :lol:

    How are you doing today? :nice:
    I know! I saw them on the Heathrow airport!!!! :eek::eek: They passed by me when I was getting my luggage!! :stunned: it was crazyyy. I first saw Jonny and was like ":stunned: JONNY!!!" then I thought that oh no it can't be him it was just my imagination . And then Guy and Chris walked FEW METERS away from me!!!! GUY :stunned: CHRISSY :dead::dead: oh no I still can't believe they really walked there :D And I was so in shock I COULDN'T DO ANYTHING! :bigcry: I'm so fuckin stupid!!! :bigcry: I wasn't prepared to something like that could happen to me you know. Just stood there doing nothing :disappointed: then I cried the whole time we traveled to our hotel and my parents didn't understand anything, they were like 'come on you saw them no big deal' :dozey: I was so disappointed I couldn't do anything. And the rest of the trip I kept imagining them everywhere :lol:

    Sorry for that long message :D haha. But yeah we should totally have a cping trip to the bakery or their new place! :wacky:
    I'd say that sounds like a perfect holiday! You know you're so lucky to live in England and have family in london :wacky: I visited the bakery in february when I was in london with my family. It was so awesome. :nice: I wasn't able to do anything else Coldplay related though. Next time then :nice:
    Haha :lol: I know!
    Ohh homework sucks.. :dozey: :D but to London for the christmas holidays?? wow that's so awesome, I'm so jealous!!! I love London so much! :wacky: what you're going to do there? :nice:
    Yeah I think I could if I had the time and the patience to start it almost from the beginning.
    Glad to hear you are ok! :) Concert videos are the best! <3 I makes you so happy to remember. :D

    I see you play piano, violin and guitar! That is really cool! How long have you been playing?
    Oh that's cool! Have you any special plans for your holiday? :wacky: My holiday actually ended today so now it's lots of work ahead. :dozey: You play violin? that is great! I used to play the piano but can't really play it anymore :sad: I was so stupid when I stopped playing it... And I'm fine thanks, should be doing some homework and cleaning and stuff but cping is so addictive! :wideeyed:
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