2nd Anniversary Of A Head Full Of Dreams


Comme deux gouttes d’eau
Jun 5, 2015
I thought we have to do a little artwork for the A Head Full Of Dreams 2nd anniversary. I was thinking about possible artwork themes and I thought: wouldn't it be cool if we cutted off photos of us when we were kids in black and white and make a digital collage of us with the flower of life in the middle?

It's very easy
1) Does anyone have the white background flower of life?
2)Choose a photo of you when you were around 3-10 years old with a clear bright background
3) Make your cut using a program(I recommend "Eraser" from Play Store)
4)Use a black-white filter
5) Send your picture in this thread or PM it to me
6) I will edit the final collage and release it on the day of the anniversary