Coldplay's piano sound using Kawai Ex Pro


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Apr 25, 2018
I liked for all time Chris Martin 's live piano sound and since 2 years i'm struggled to recreate it using a lots of piano vsts but Kawai Ex Pro sample library for Kontakt was the last and best choice that i using it and nowdays avoiding to spend lot of money on real Kawai mp 9000 or mp11se that Chris actualy uses to play live.

This weekend i worked on this piano sound.

This is the rezult.

Mobile Link:

This sample sounds similar to actual Chris's piano sound that can be heared in their earlier live performances.
I used Kawai Ex Pro samples with a little reverb and fruity vocoder to make it sound like that.
The intro and pad sound is made by myself too.
Alldone in FL Studio 20.
Hope enjoy.
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