Forum section changes


Turn Your Magic On
Honorary Coldplayer
Mar 23, 2008
There have been some changes to the forum structure. The most noticeable change is the How We See The World forum in general discussion. This is a merge of News and sports, Entertainment and arts and the Tech forum. There have been other small changes across the forums and certain sections have gone and threads have been moved around.

There will be small changes happening still so you may see new stickies posted and some threads moved. This is all for a streamlined experience on the forums and keeping every forum active and it makes browsing on a mobile/tablet easier to which the majority of the new Coldplayers will be using to on Coldplaying soon enough!

Another minor update : You should receive a notification for every thumbs up now and its now possible to opt in and out for receiving these notifications. The turn the notification system on/off, go to and look under visitor messaging

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