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    Coldplay: The Beatles of our Generation?

    i think it's also important to note how quickly the beatles achieved so much... (aside from their solo efforts) if i'm not mistaken, they were only a band for 10 years max... so even if it were possible for there to be a beatles of our generation (and i'm not so sure that it is), coldplay have...
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    Kooks cover Coldplay on Radio 1

    Thanks for that. Made my day...
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    Coldplay crash the crowd at Madison Square Garden

    yup.. encore for sure. also cemetaries of london better be on the sydney setlist!
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    What is your favourite Coldplay song today?

    chinese sleep chant today (but SS is my favourite from the album)
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    Coldplay crash the crowd at Madison Square Garden

    I hope DAAHF is only missing from these setlists because they are saving it for the proper tour...
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    Most overrated/underrated CP song?

    in case it hasn't already been said, i personally think most, if not all, of coldplay's songs are underrated. maybe not on this forum, but just generally. before VLV was released, the vast majority of people would never have heard of a coldplay song other than fix you or yelow (though even those...
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    The Kooks Defend Coldplay

    Glad to know my second favourite band in the world is a fan of my favourite band in the world... can't wait to see the kooks in august!!
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    Similar Cover and title..coincidence ?

    from memory, i think they said that the Dragon Ash cover is a parody of Delacroix's painting, hence the similarity in the pictures. I can't remember what they said about the titles though
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    Strawberry Swing is supringly my favoritetrack!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

    Chris said in an interview recently that if you listen carefully you can hear eno complaining about the tempo... i'm surprised they didn't edit that out.. makes me wonder if it's deliberate attempt to make it sound informal and personal with all the counting in songs and eno's commentary...
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    I Think The Acoustic 'Lost' Is The Better Than The Normal!

    ok i let myself listen to lost! because between the acoustic version and that interview, i pretty much knew the song back to front anyway... upon first listen i didn't think it had anything on the acoustic... the vocals didn't sound as passionate at times (almost slightly rushed), very little...
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    Do NOT lead into Temptation!

    I'm with you! I want the excitement of listening to the actual cd... But i'm gonna have it on my hard drive just incase i change my mind...
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    New York show winners are ....

    you guys think you're being optimistic... i've got my fingers crossed that the 'huge global reach' announcement is gonna be that they are gonna fly us all overseas for the concert... btw did I miss that announcement or was it just never made?
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    Actually Lovers in Japan (Though its acoustic) thread! The Discussion thread

    this song is a breath of fresh air. i agree it's very parachutes, but taken to new level of incredibleness
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    My Chemical Toilet's Track-by-Track Preview of New Coldplay Album (more daft)

    poor attempt at humour. at least the last mock review was funny at some points...
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    Coldplay to perfom at MTV Movie Awards on June 1

    the poor guy is nervous as hell. but you can tell in his face that he's glad to be back on the road, especially after he asks his standard question "everybody okay?" and the crowd reacts. i can't wait to see them live