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  • Hi Chuck,
    I am following the US primary in South Carolina and understand that Newt Gingrich won. Do you think that he will be the Rep. winner - or does Mitt Romney still have a chance?
    I have sent you an email with article about green car. And now it is bedtime - it is 2:50am. Goodnight and sleep tight (it's rhyming).
    Hi Chuck,
    I looked at the Proposed Amendments thread. It sounds very good. Good points / good formulations.

    I have written you an email.
    Hi CHUCK,
    How are you? I hope that you have had a good day.
    I have and will now go to bed. It is 5:25am, LOL.
    I have posted in News in relation to Japan + News in relation to natural disasters threads. And I sent you some petitions to sign. Have a nice evening and Wednesday.
    Hi Chuck
    I have sent you an email and also one with an article about Green Cars (not posted in your thread). Have a nice evening and Tuesday.
    Yes, I was up early. I woke up - and had a few times some burning feeling in one shoulder. So I decided to get up and get online. I have been here and also doing some Solitaires. I hope that you are also going to have a wonderful Martin King Day tomorrow!
    I just watched a video about BONO posted by a coldplayer (1 of 6 - but only 1 video posted so far).
    Hi CHUCK,
    I hope that you have had a good Sunday. I have - watching television and having a good dinner with white wine.
    Hi again,
    I have sent you an email plus some petitions.
    Go to HAITI threads to read my latest post there.
    Hi CHUCK,
    Hopefully you have also had a good day.
    Here some more cleaning and tidying up plus afternoon tea.
    Have a nice evening and week-end.
    In Denmark, television is focused on our Queen's 40th anniversary (she has been Queen for 40 years) this week-end.
    It was easier a few years ago when green energy was the buzzword and on the top of the agenda. Now with the financial crisis and job cuts everywhere green energy industries - like most other branches - are facing hard times.
    Hi CHUCK,
    I hope that you had a good day.
    My day was quiet - a bit cleaning, laundry. A nap after dinner.
    I am posting something in the Haiti threads (read there what I post)

    2,335 fired in the windmill company Vestas - 1,000 of them Danish. The directors stay - the management strengthened with 4 more directors.
    I found all 9 proposals good and right to ensure fair elections and equal access to the media = to be heard by the public.
    Hi again CHUCK (see post below)
    I have just read what you wrote in the Amendments thread: It is very good, well formulated and easy to understand. But you do not get much response.
    Hi CHUCK,
    I hope that you had a good day. My day was quiet removing Christmas ornaments and putting it away until end of November 2012. Fine weather before noon, rainy in the afternoon. Now windy and maybe still some rain. Have a nice evening.
    Hi again.
    I went back to the email program and saw your reply to my email (they must have crossed "wires" as you called it) - and I wrote more about the documentaries and also linked to Margrethe I and to William.
    Welcome to Coldplaying. Have a nice evening and Thursday. I have sent you an email (maybe you saw it) and I have just read your mail. I sent mine before your mail arrived.
    Thanks, I will. And have a nice evening and Wednesday. I just heard the news - the storm will continue until noon tomorrow.
    aha! The Normandy is famous for their cheese : Camembert , Neuchatel ... but also for the alcool like Calvados and the Cidre it's true : )
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