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  • Yes same here, until wednesday it will be still rather sunny! :cheesy:

    He did? :stunned: I didn't notice that! I guess he was just too lazy to switch the spray cans in his hands LOL :awesome: Although, I'm left handed and also do lots of things with my right hand, and spraying something simple like a heart isn't difficult to do with the other hand :D

    Thank you, and have a nice night :D

    Indeed it was, so many lovely moments! I kinda squeed a little bit too loud when Chris sprayed that RI:heart: on the wall, that was so lovely! And he got a the flag from Keka and swirled it around during the beginning of the concert, I was totally happy for her.
    And I could go on and on :rolleyes:

    Well I just took a nap outside in the sun so my inner battery is charged again :p

    Because weekends hate us LOL. Well I'm lucky, tomorrow is a public holiday in Germany, so I have another free day, yay! :dance:
    I went to bed for a 4 hours sleep and got up again :cheesy: So worth it LOL, and seeing the sun rising while watching a Coldplay gig is pretty lovely :wacky:

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