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  • omg!!!!!!!!! these coldplay experiences are beyond incredible!!!!! i really enjoyed reading themm hahaha they really made me laugh and they made my heart race of excitement cuz i could picture evrything so perfectly. woah u waited a long time 4 chris to come on at the bridge school benefit! thts kl tht u got to see other artists including fleet foxes!!!! (i love them!!!) oh and i also love tht song Sitting On the Dock of the Bay by Otis Redding. hahaha thts so cute chris was laughing at adam's jokes( they must have been really funny then) lol i can just imagine u screaming at the top of ur lungs cuz u saw a glimpse of chris hahaha and evryone staring at u :D but no doubt i would do the same :) hahaha and tht joke about balloon boy - chris would say tht( he's so cute like tht) lol. omg tht was so totally sick when chris transitioned from joplin's maple leaf rag to vlv. tht was bomb!!!!!! oh yea hahaha when the mic fell while he was singing and he says "tht's happened b4" lol :) awwwwsuuuum vids!!!! oh and chris' on-the-spot songs are always sooooo bomb!!!! hehehe they make me laugh all the time (I LOVE THT MAN SOOOO MUCH!!!) <3 hmmmm chris martin - a school teacher........i like it! :) veryyyyyyy great breathtaking experiences!!!!! oh and ur writnigs have all the reason to be super long!!! oh and i wrote mine just 4 fun.....sry almost 4got ur question there after all tht excitement! ;D chris looks super cute in the beanie btw hehehe
    ah!! :dead: there are so many long messages below mine :laugh3: i dont watch bones :( im sry... and they are individual one :D thats kewl ;) my sports already ended :confused: guess wat i got in the mail today :laugh3: haha i got the TV guide magazine it had a pix of the COLDPLAY SIMPSONS in it :heart:
    haha yeahhh i wanted to get one of those 10 pounds ones they were talking about for us less rich people lol but i kept refreshing the page and nothing :/ but yeah im glad they got lots of money! all to charity! :D theyre so awesome :)
    haha yeahhh lol..it just feels good to know u participated! :p

    yeahh i hate finals...well we have midterms in the middle of the year and then finals at the end :/ were taking midterms now but on the plus side we get half days! lol

    hha yesss chris is so beautiful! when coldplay ran by us at a concert to go to one of the b or c stages he was walking all slow and looking beautiful! all sweaty..and mmmm! lol! XD

    ohh okay gotcha! dont u have to pay to go to private? :/

    ughh i hate when the weather is like that! im a worry wort so then i worry that a tree is gonna fall on the house or there is gonna be a tornado :( it scares me lol im such a baby :p

    haha thanks! im horrible at telling stories tho so if u were confused im sorry :/ lol...ohh u know beach chair too? :) um i went to their concerts on august 8 08, halloween 08-they had special bat confetti instead of butterflies! :p and the halloween concert was a birthday present :) - and on may 21 09 :) each time the seats kept getting closer! lol next time my uncle said were going all the way up front into the pit! XD cant wait! i wanna touch them! hahah im such a creeper! lol :p

    lol yeahh like my first time i went it was with my friend and her mom and then i wanted to go again and my mom didnt wanna go cause shes not into them and so i asked my uncle and i like begged him! lol and he was like "okay..i guess so.." lol and then he went and had a blast and now we try to go to their concerts whenever their around :) hopefully we have money :/ :p

    and haha yeah i just really liked the band and their music..and i thought he was kinda ugly...lol and my friend kept saying "hes hot!" lol and i was just like "ehh..." lol but then i went to the concert and i really liked how he was and everything and then i started thinking he was cute and it went forward from there..ya see im kinda weird cause like ill think someone is not that cute but then if they have a good personality then ill like think theyre hot! lol i kinda like that im like that tho..im glad i dont just judge by looks..ya know what i mean? :)

    who do you like out of coldplay? anyone or u just like them for theyre music?
    hah yeah! lol :p
    oh okay..well oh well i have lots of coldplay pics on my computer :p
    haha yeah i wanted something from the auction so bad! but it was so expensive! :(
    i actually ended up bidding once just knowing i was going to be outbid and just so i knew that i participated! LOL!

    ahha yeah the school year isnt over yet :p
    yeahhhhh ughhh! its such a relief when u can share the obbsessiveness with someone :p
    haha i actually dont think she like loves a specific one..she just loves them and their music but shes not like omg chris is so hot or anything like that...idk shes interesting...ill have to ask her now that i think about it lol
    aw that sucks :( why is she going to private now?
    thats good that you still hang out :)
    hahahaha thats awesome! its cool thats shes crazy about them so much! they rock!!!! XD
    hahah thats awesome! im pretty much in the same boat...well like a long while ago when clocks came out i heard it and i liked it..i remember looking up the song on youtube and finally finding it and then singing along with the videos that have like the lyrics with the song lol and but i didnt really think anything of it..i was just like i really like this song..and then when speed of sound came out i remember thinking that it sounded familiar to clocks..but at the time i didnt know the titles of the songs or who sang them lol and i guess i later figured it out because i remember listening to this song on one of the jay z albums with my mom and i was like who sings this one song with him( beach chair by jay z) and my mom was like i think its chris martin and i was like whose that and she was like the lead singer of coldplay..and i was like oh i think i know who that is... and then i just really liked that song and put it on my ipod and everything and then when the ipod commercial for viva la vida came out i fell in love with the song and i had to watch the vmas i believe it was because i heard that they were going to perform it on there...and then so thats when i fell in love with them :) and then after that i went to buy their cds when the viva la vida album came out and then not long after that...maybe like a couple weeks to a month my friend was like hey wanna go see coldplay in concert? and i was like OMG YESSSSSS lol so then i went to see them and then thats when i started thinking that chris martin is so hot! lol and yeah thats my story :p
    okayy here it is:
    Sunday, July 19, 2009 was the best day of my entire life because that was the day I had gone to see the awesome Coldplay. The concert took place at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheater in Irvine Meadows, CA. It was a bit of a long drive there, but it was also a good one because I was listening to the boys’ LeftRightLeftRightLeft album (free download) on my Ipod the whole way there. Listening to it allowed me to imagine what was to be in store for the rest of the day. When my mom and I arrived, it was easy to look for parking. Later, we would just have to try to remember where we parked. The first thing we saw when we entered the lot was what seemed to be a perpetual line of Coldplayers (Coldplay fans). My mom and I got out of the car and asked an employee what the long line was for; he said that it was to get into the amphitheater. We then asked him why there was a line to get in and he responded by saying that the majority of the people that were in line had lawn seats just like us. My mom and I exchanged glances, groaned, and rushed to the back of the line. I estimated that we waited for about thirty to forty minutes before we were allowed inside. The line was finally moving and everyone was heading for the gates. Security checked our bags at the gates and they had me throw my water bottle away. It was a good thing they didn’t see the other one that was in my bag. After security, employees scanned our tickets and everyone with lawn seats made their way up the extremely steep hill to the lawn to find a good seat. The rest of the people that had reserved seating were chilling outside or in their cars because they didn’t have to worry about getting good seats. As we approached the foot of the hill, some women came up to us and asked if we could sign a petition for the Oxfam Make Trade Fair Campaign. While they were explaining to us that Coldplay also supports the Campaign, my mom and I tried to tell them that we didn’t have time because we wanted to get good seats. We were finally able to get rid of them and we started up the tiring hill. After we worked out quite a sweat, we finally found some pretty good seats, which were very close to the lawn railing. My mom and I spread out our blanket and got settled in. I’d have to say “the hardest part” (I love that Coldplay song!) of going to a concert is waiting for it to actually begin! We waited impatiently for approximately three hours! While waiting, we listened to Coldplay’s two opening acts: Kitty, Daisy, and Lewis and Miriam and Amadou. The first opening act, Kitty, Daisy, and Lewis, was kind of boring and all their songs sounded the same. However, Miriam and Amadou were pretty good. It was interesting to hear a different style of music, you know, African music. It was very rhythmical and it gave everyone the urge to dance. After the opening acts, the screens onstage showed shout outs and messages that people were able to text with their cell phones. Some were shout outs to their lovers, and others, to Coldplay. The ones to Coldplay were quite interesting and funny to read. Some said, “Marry me Chris Martin!” (Hahaha, I didn’t blame them). Others said, “I love you Jonny Boy!” And of course, “When’s the show gonna start?!” Another was, “Gwyneth, can I have your hubby?” Gwyneth Paltrow was at the concert in the pit! She apparently went to all the Coldplay gigs in Los Angeles because she was, and still is, filming Iron Man 2. Anyways, the next thing I knew, the show was finally starting at 9:00pm!! Twirling firework sparklers behind a backlit screen, Chris, Jonny, Guy, and Will cast dancing silhouettes as they opened the show with the chiming chords of “Life in Technicolor.” Fans were up and on their feet from the start of the show, most of them never sitting back down as the band played through a set filled with new songs including “Violet Hill,” in which Chris sweetly substituted the lyrics, “…I took my love down to Violet Hill…” with “I took my love down to Irvine Meadows…” The opening piano riff of “Clocks,” which came next, drew a huge roar from the stands. “This is the song that first brought us to Orange County, and it's going to keep bringing us back,” Chris said after “In My Place,” introducing “Yellow,” the first Coldplay single to hit in the United States. The band first performed the song at the same venue while playing in a humble opening slot at KROQ Weenie Roast in 2001. As the band played, dozens of huge yellow balloons were released throughout the venue, making for a lovely visual accompaniment even if it did serve to distract a little from the song as people gawked at the sight or checked that they weren't about to get bonked on the head. After “Glass of Water,” they played “Cemeteries of London,” in which Chris once again graciously substituted the lyrics, “…and the night over London lay…” with “…and the night over Irvine lay…” Next was “42,” a song with greatly enhanced dynamics as a live number. In it, Chris started a soft solo at the piano, then joined the rest of the band with a guitar during the hard-hitting midsection before dashing back to the piano to resume the more somber finish. With Chris’ frequent encouragement, fans joined in to sing along on choruses. Chris, so charismatic, seemed in a happy, talkative mood, gorgeously making fun of himself when he missed an occasional chord or key, and joking with the crowd at one point that they'd almost rescheduled the show because of its conflict with a new episode of HBO's “Entourage.” During “Fix You,” another older song that drew huge cheers and much singing, a random shot of the crowd singing at the front of the stage offered a glimpse of Mrs. Martin – actress Gwyneth Paltrow – watching from the pit. And despite the hugeness of the venue, the band visited fans in the upper reaches, first playing a miniset from a platform between the orchestra and loge sections, “God Put a Smile Upon Your Face” and “The Hardest Part.” Back on the main stage and midway through a roaring take on the song “Viva la Vida”, Chris looked up at the packed amphitheater and urged the crowd to give just a little bit more. “For the last time in California for a few years, so let's turn it up!” he shouted as he invited, or actually demanded, that we all sing along with just as much passion and power as the band itself delivered all night. And of course, we did just as he'd asked, belting out the “oh, oh, oh's” of the chorus as Chris sang and skipped across the stage, Jonny and Guy crisply played their parts, and Will hammered at the large metal bell so violently that he shattered his mallet. The song, as did the entire night, offered the sound and sight of a band at its peak, road-tested after 134 concerts on a tour that started over a year ago, but still as fresh and enthusiastic as a band just heading out. “Lost!” was following, with Chris jumping and falling around like he was being electrocuted, but his energy sure was contagious as was shown by the crowd. “Geez, that was a long way!” Chris joked after he and the band ran up to that second platform, a location from which they performed an acoustic set of “Green Eyes,” “Death Will Never Conquer,” and a cover of Michael Jackson's “Billie Jean” complete with a very nice falsetto bit. Fans in the lawn area had rushed to the platform, pushing and shoving, just to get as close as they could to the band. I was lucky enough to end up in a spot, in which I could hardly believe I was literally just a couple of feet away from Coldplay!! They played brilliantly, with Will’s drumming a much more powerful presence than on record and Jonny adding all manner of subtle guitar colors to the palette. “Green Eyes” was the sweetest of them all because Chris ever so gently and full of care and passion sang it to his best mate, Jonny Boy. “Billie Jean” had everyone laughing and singing because Chris tried to hit all the high notes, which I thought, was so cute. But the crowd kindly helped him out with the notes. I cannot forget the “Coldwave” that the band had us perform. A thousand blue and white lights smoothly waved throughout the crowd at Chris’ request. It was amazingly beautiful! I thought the funniest and quirkiest moment of the night was when the band performed Chris’ hilarious on-the-spot “improvising song,” which went a little like this: “Well…way in the distance is a single star, we’re gonna ask, “Is everybody okay so far?,” We’re just asking you girls and boys if you’re having an okay to good time make a fuck of a lot of noise! Well as an audience to you off I take my………hat, I meant to make slightly more noise than that. Well I think our band’s going in the wrong direction, of 134 concerts this is by far the worst improvising section. Now to give you an extra thrill will I please get a “whoop whoop!” for our drummer, Will.” This was followed by Will’s “Death Will Never Conquer.” But I was practically dying of laughter after Chris sung that song! Back on the main stage, after a rousing, heavy take on “Politik,” one of the loveliest moments of the night arrived. As the band played “Lovers in Japan/Reign of Love,” confetti cannons blasted tens of thousands of tissue paper butterflies over the venue, a first wave in primary colors, a second in neon DayGlo hues, both leaving Coldplayers smiling in delight. The band went backstage to change to their Grammy and Brit Awards Sgt. Pepper costumes for the encore, which were “The Scientist” and “Life in Technicolor II,” ending with the band’s final bows in California and sending the crowd home humming that final melody….
    Yet “Viva la Vida,” the tour name and title track off Coldplay's most recent album, was just one high point among many in a concert that delivered 22 songs in just under two hours. My mom and I went home with a bagful of LIJ butterflies and the free LeftRightLeftRightLeft CD that the band was so generous of giving out. Not only did I go home with these things, but also with the treasured moments and memories of my night’s experience of Coldplay’s “Viva la Vida” concert, which I will never fail to remember as the most extraordinary day of my life.
    Viva 071909.
    Long Live Coldplay.
    hope u liked it ;)
    yup yup, actually, i have a 4 day weekend (had no school friday) :) i'm doing good thanks how about u?? i've been working on my coldplay concert story...i will definately send it to u when i finish :D
    lol yeah they did..and i missed like 2 questions the first time..so of course i had to re take it until i got them all right! LOL! um...some of the questions were like "what was chris's first job?" or something like that and "when did coldplay first start?" idk some questions about dates and things lol
    haha yeah thats SUCH a cool present! XD and hahaha they just dont understand! lol
    and do you have to pay for shutterfly or is it free? :p
    HAHA I KNOW RIGHT!! i wanted it soooo bad!!! no I WANT HIM SO BAD!!! hahhahahaha :p lol yes one can hope :rolleyes: lol
    haha thats awesome :)

    um hes not in any of my classes but like when i have art, he has photography and when i have photography, he has art..and the classes are pretty much in the same room so we see eachother but we dont talk to eachother cause well..we only had that one little convo about coldplay and that was it :/ i wanna talk more coldplay with him!! hahah i love talking about coldplay :)
    hah yeah i love having a coldplay obbsessed friend to share my obbsession with! lol thats why i love this site so much..IM NOT THE ONLY ONE!! LOL! um my obbsessed friend ive know since middle school but we really became close last year when we had art together :) and at least u have someone who is semi obbsessed instead of not knowing who coldplay is at all..or someone who thinks they suck! :veryangry2: haha thats cool that ur sis and her friend are obbsessed too! SHARE THE OBBSESSION! its awesome! lol i love them sooo much! :) when did u r obbsession start?
    Today I have to study because of next week's final :cry: also I'll have an English test :dizzy: hope it wont be difficult :\ oh and I wish you good luck for your final :nice:
    haha yes I played Clocks! :lol: I think every Coldplayer in his live has tried to play it :p so you can play piano too? :dance: I'd like to play guitar :guitarist:

    PS: Yesterday I got my secret Santa card!! :dance: it came from USA :nice: :wacky:
    haha yeah i watched it...it was pretty interesting! :p
    and then tehy had a quiz afterwards....of course i took it! lol
    OHH coldplay calendars?!?!?! :D my friend bought me one from the mall...well i paid her back...i didnt have money at the time but i like begged her for it lol
    ohh shutterfly? whats that? thats really awesome that she made you one...i made one a while agoo too!! lol haha coldplay fan..the thigns we do :p haha
    ohhhh coldplay jacket!!! XD i wanna make one that looks like their actually jackets! lol ohh the viva water bottle?? i want that so bad!l lol..ur sis is crazy about them too? :)

    hahah i know right! im too shy tho so im like nervous to talk to him again :p
    haha yeah minor fans dont really count....lol
    i also have a friend who is really obbsessed with them like me..and thats how we kinda like became good friends! haha we were just in art class and somehow coldplay came up and we were like omg!!! i love coldplay! hahahh and then the friendship progressed from there XD
    im glad to hear that! :)
    haha and im glad youre back!!! XD
    i know!!! break went by so fast :( but it was good! :) thats probably why it went by so fast...time flies when ur having fun lol :p
    ohhhh!!! coldplay stuffes???? lol whatcha get? ;)
    um for christmas i got a couple cds/dvds, a record player, an unauthorized coldplay dvd (haha!) um..some knee high socks! (my fav! :p) and some boxer shorts that have stewie from family guy on them :p

    ahhhh coldplay! i cant get enough!!
    i was so happy because i actually met a guy at my school the otehr day that was obsessed with coldplay! haha thats like a big first! lol so i had to friend him on facebook! hahha :p
    Sleeping is my favourite activity :lol: I spend a lot of energy :rolleyes: yes I went back school on 7th January :dozey: and next week I’ll have finals too! :eek: how boring :dozey:
    Yaaay Chrissy stalking! :awesome: I’d like to stalk him :sneaky: and kill Gwyneth of course :D :p
    Yes I know that some coldplayers haven’t got their cards yet :( but yesterday I received a special gift from a friend of mine: a book with all arobtth chords! :D im so happy :dance: I can play coldplay songs on the piano :wacky:

    ps: sorry but yesterday I coudlnt reply because coldplaying wasnt working :uhoh:
    ello ello!!! XD im pretty good! how are you? its been a while! lol
    haha everyone loves miley cyrus lol and blink is cool :) lol but coldplay is the best!! :D
    haha and happy late new year to you too!! and happy late christmas? haha XD
    i hope yours was good too!! :p
    my family didnt go anywhere too but it's true, there's nothing better than not going to school! :lol:
    oh you're so lucky :D you have friends in London! :bomb: I'd like to visit it...:heart: but I'm too young to go there alone, I'm only 15! :dozey: can you imagine you walking in the same park where Chris and Guy already did? (omg is it right what I write? :uhoh:)
    yeah I hope I'll get my card tomorrow..at least I'll get it on Easter! :lol:
    Hey Katie :) omg we havent talked for ages! :facepalm: what a shame :shame: :p well I'm ok thanks :) what about you? :D my holiday was ok, I spent it mainly with my family (in particular Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Years' Eve :D ). did you have fun during holidays? :cool::awesome:
    tell me, did you get a card from your secret santa? me not either :cry:
    OMG!!!! that is so awesome!!!! thank you so much!!!!! I LOVE IT! chris martin is jsut so yummy! he would be the best birthday present ever! haha ;) :D :D :D :D :D :nice: :nice: :nice: :smug: :smug: :smug: lol :p
    haha yes its been raining and its getting really cold! :O
    haha "OH RAINY DAY COME ROUND!" love that song! lol
    haha and i love that quote...the coming over to my house one! lol
    i would love it if chris would come over to my house ;)
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