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  • yes I know I feel the excitement of all the new songs and he sings them differently every time. I never thought that I would see Coldplay live but I did and I even met them at the studio so I know that you will see them too :heart:
    hehehehe yes I like your plan and I hope you get to go with a pretty girl. There will normally be a list of those on the forum who are going when the show you want to attend comes up. You can always visit the coldplay live section and link up with any coldplayers there who are going to the show you will also attend
    wow that sounds really exciting. Good luck with everything and I do hope that you get to see the band live. When you do I need to hear all about it :)
    I just graduated from Law school. At home , I shadow senior lawyers but when I go back to UK I should begin working as a junior solicitor. K enough abut me what about you ? How old are you
    yes I am from Barbados I was born here, but I've been living in London, I want to live there. and this is the view from where I am sitting at this very minute typing to you

    I am happy that he is not letting the negativity affect him and the performances. The very first time he performed it at the ROCK IM, that video is epic
    omg ohh no and I'm thinking that Chris would have heard and read abut it too because Will tweeted that he's writing new songs 2 hours ago. I am officially depressed and he stopped singing it as he didn't at the last festival I think :((((((((((((((((((((
    Debs posted ?? where did you read it? and the boys must know that lots of us love it because ETIAW is at the top of the charts in a lots of countries, that speaks more than a couple of people on a forum, but I did realise that the boys didnt sing it at to he last festival
    yes i know what u mean., I sometimes wonder if the boys ever visit the forum just to have an idea of what their true fans think about their music and then I cringe at the thought of them reading some of the threads on here. Its really sad and not cool, I must agree.
    Hey, I know what you mean and I don;t care how they feel, I love it, my dad loves it and I'm going to keep singing it. I listen to it every day at least 20 times a day. It makes me happy :dance:
    I love the four of them, all for different reasons. HLH was a great opener, very upbeat and I love the lyrics "you use your heart as a weapon and it hurts like heaven". UATW is amazing. The power of it is incredible, it's such a sweet ballad sung at first just by Chris and his acoustic guitar, then Will comes in with a kind of little organ and harmonies, then Jonny adds his beautiful guitar, and then Guy comes in in a crescendo giving rythm with his bass. Major Minus and Charlie Brown are just fucking incredible. If I *really* had to choose I'd probably go with one of the last two.
    Although the highlight of the whole evening to me was Life Is For Living :heart:.
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