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    Pitchfork defends X&Y and Coldplay!

    love white shadows, x&y and low!
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    ~*~ The Official Will Champion Appreciation Thread ~*~

    if i'm not mistaken that's Narita Airport's duty free shop bag.
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    Criticisms with the album?

    I like GS the only thing i hate is A Sky Full of Stars. Maybe if I still care about or believe in music elitism, I'd hate it because it's avicii but now it's just boils down to it being a sore thumb and breaks the whole sound of the album. Even Will, Guy and Jonny felt that way (based on the...
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    Coldplays sexiest song?

    Yeah. Lhuna for me is the sexiest song, Yes is a close second :)
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    How is Ghost Stories after the release mania ?

    AROBTTH>VLV or DAAHF> Parachutes> GS, X&Y>MX. Definitely love GS more than MX . MX is just too loud and all over the place (at least for me it is) but of course there are also songs that I love from the album (Hurts Like Heaven, Charlie Brown, UATW, MM and UFO). And come to think of it GS is...
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    Critic ratings.

    Pitchfork has always been a supporter of Coldplay's grandiose, experimental and bombastic albums than the smaller and quieter ones (well except X&Y). Talking into account their ratings for VLVDAAHF and MX (6-7 rating). Ghost Stories is no exception to this mindset.
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    How Coldplay Is Providing You With A Service (And Why You Should Be Grateful)

    I think no matter how good Coldplay albums are, people will nitpick because it all boils down to "It's cool to hate Coldplay". So let's just celebrate that the band released a new album and because after all is said and done, Coldplay will still be Coldplay and haters will still be haters. Yes?
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    love this song. Reminds me of I Bloom Blaum. :)
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    Consequence of Sound releases list of Coldplay's 10 best songs

    love that they included A Rush of Blood to the Head. (love the Live 2003 version than the album version)
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    true. i wish the band clears it up once they release the album or we could ask the oracle perhaps. :)
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    thanks :) so apparently... "Midnight" is the color song.
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    I find this odd and a loss because it's mainstay of a Coldplay album. :( don't know if this has been discussed.
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    Post pictures of the gorgeous Chris

    what a dead giveaway! shoes and pants!
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    Rate Atlas - and post your review

    Gave it 8/10. Love the song but as many had said, could have been better (maybe because it's short?, but that's just me) Fantastic second half and.. Go Jonny Go! .