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  • Law? It sounds pretty difficult. I think the lectures I have is easy. I mean, if you do read articles the teachers told so again and again and handle schoolwork in time, it won't be a problem for me. :lol:

    Umm, I play the guitar. I bought an uke last week. It's a lovely instrument. There's no Christmas break here. So the final exam of this semester is on Jan. (It's coming. NO :uhoh: ) And Chinese New Year break is on Feb.

    Hope you have a good Christmas break. :nice:
    Hey Mary!! I hope you don't mind I'll send you a private message on here to reply to your last message, because I feel I'll probably write quite a bit and the PMs have a longer character limit than visitor messages. :D
    Yeah, my family is pretty large. I have my parents of course, several aunts and uncles, 3 sisters, 6 nieces & nephews...I have SO many cousins...going into 2nd and 3rd cousins, which gives me literally over 40 cousins!! Plus some members of the families my sisters have married into have become like my family too, so we always spend different days of the holidays with different "sets" of who I consider family, even though they're not all blood-related. It's always a TON of fun!! The way I look at it, the more people, the merrier! :D Family is all-important to me, though several of my closest members are "adopted" as some of my blood-relatives just aren't as close (I can go into detail more sometime if you want to know). But overall, I'm extremely close to my family and love them to death!! :heart: What about you? Do you have a big family (I know you said you just have the 1 sister but I couldn't remember if you've mentioned having lots of aunts, uncles, cousins, etc.?)
    Well it's certainly an adorable avi!! :D And OMG I know!! There's just nothing I love more than Christmastime! Plus I'm really excited because since most of my family won't be able to come down for actual Christmas Day, we're planning a Christmas party on January 18th for EVERYONE to come and celebrate Christmas together then since we can't on the actual day. It'll be so, SO much fun to extend all of the Christmas cheer for an extra month!! :dance:
    Hey!! And yeah, I agree, there really isn't anything quite like being on the actual computer. It's the same way with CD's to me...I mean I love my iPod so much and listen to it every day but there's just something really special about listening to a CD on a CD player to me. I enjoy going back to the original way of doing things every once in awhile. :nice: And I've been good!! :) I'm still rushing around trying to get Christmas gifts for everyone on time though. :lol: And speaking of Christmas, I just love your new avatar with the Santa cap! SO cute!!!! :D
    Thanks for asking me. Not too bad. :nice:

    The weather is getting cold. I hate cool stream. It makes me want to sleep more. I should get up at 7 or 8 a.m. but in fact, I may get up at 9 or 10 a.m. I'd love to use the time well in the morning, but I can't. :laugh3:

    I am a freshman in college. It's evening school. And I study in English. (Most of it is literature.)

    What about you? :)
    Hey!! And I'm doing really well actually, thanks for asking!! I replied to your last messages on fb on my cell phone but now that I've got on my home computer on facebook it seems as though they never went through!! I'm sorry about that. Sometimes my phone says it sends things when it actually hasn't. :confused: But I'll reply to them again now. :nice: So how have you been? :) And yes, the forum is really full of the holiday spirit!! :wacky:
    Hey Mary, I think we're actually on Coldplaying at the same time at the moment! :laugh3: They've really made this forum quite Christmas-y haven't they? :santa:
    Thank you. :nice:

    I think we didn't met before. My name is Yu-tong or Pam. taameen**sparks** asked me question before. :lol:
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