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  • PT1: This is to soothe your thoughts that facsism might be on the rise again. I do think Chomsky is utterly right.

    Q+A With Noam Chomsky at Occupy Boston

    Q: What about the ruling class in America? How likely is it that they’ll have an open fascist system here?
    Chomsky: I think it’s very unlikely frankly. They don’t have the force. About a century ago, in the freest countries in the world, Britain and the United Sates at the time, the dominant classes came to understand that they can’t control the population by force any longer. Too much freedom had been won by struggles like these, and they realized it. It’s discussed in their literature.
    PT 2: They recognize that they’re going to have to shift their tactics to control of attitudes and beliefs instead of just the cudgel. It can’t do what it used to do. You have to control attitudes and beliefs. In fact that’s when the public relations industry began. It began in the United States and England. The free countries where you had to control beliefs and attitudes, to induce consumerism, to induce passivity, apathy and distraction. It’s a barrier, but it’s a lot easier to overcome than torture and the Gestapo. I don’t think the circumstances are any longer there to institute anything like what we call fascism.
    Hey Saffire, kannst Du eigentlich noch Deutsch sprechen?

    In case you might not have gotten that bit, when Occupy Wall Street or Occupy Frankfurt or Berlin or whereever talk about 'global' and 'democracy' they mean: "Think global, act local". Decentralisation is something everyone pretty much agreed upon in Frankfurt, it got mentioned a lot. It will, once demands get publicised, be in the list, and high up, too. So far I think you mustn't be scared about all this. You might even come to love what's happening there. Contribute! :p
    Oh by the way, you didn't have to change your favorite Coldplay member from Chris to Guy just because Josh didn't like it. Don't ever let yourself get influenced by the caca in here.
    In the end, no matter who governs, problems will always be present and continuing no matter what. Someday some form of ruling will replace a formal government, and all we can hope is that this form will be better and beneficial in the long run; but I highly doubt that it'll cause good just by looking at the direction of society today.

    Did you watch Obama's speech at Kansas City about the Smith Electric Vehicles? So far, Tesla Motors has had a great vision but there's a lot competition going on with Nissan and Chevrolet.
    The principles behind anarchism are great, but the challenge is that what would happen if there's no control at all from a legal entity (like a government) to put restrictions and limits to the people?

    Certainly, if there wouldn't be a government, you and me would probably be dead by now. There has to be some kind of control or legislation that puts limitations in order to avoid people doing unethical things like murder, theft, destruction, corruption, etc.

    Like you said, people can voluntarily pay for their security, but how secure would you actually be? So far in history, nobody has come up with a form of government that includes anarchism with guaranteed protection, safety, and well being for all citizens of a nation.

    Do you believe that form of anarchism will occur at some point?
    You're absolutely right.

    Take China as an example, the Chinese communist government predicted a future conflict with the western nations and encouraged its people to have as many kids as possible in order to keep up with the soldiers required for the predicted war until the 1970's. Then suddenly they realized they had 1 billion people, and started the one child policy since the 1980's.

    Why does the present Chinese generation have to suffer the outcome that resulted from the wrong decision of the government?
    Any type of hedge fund investment is risky.
    I guess you have to be responsible when it comes to risky things. ;)

    What inspired you to become a liberal?
    I knew you were not, you are still 24. ;)

    Managing you family's money is a good start, but I guess it isn't close to the high level of responsibility as managing hedge funds.

    Are you from SC originally?
    Haha, I actually took it seriously back at that time, 17 for 6 months? What the fuck!? But no, 17 is my real age though.

    So you are a hedge fund manager? Have you met Steven A. Cohen by any chance?

    Or is your profession a joke as well? :rolleyes:
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