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  • Hey Keaton :nice:, I haven't written any songs no :(, where did you get that from? Is it from all my little rants I've been posting? :\:p I always can get a few lines for songs but I can never fit them together to complete a song.

    Thanks K, that's nice of you :hug:, just got loads of exams coming (determining college etc.) and some friends are being a bit effortless :(, plus My Chemical Romance split up :cry: but I shouldn't be complaining, there are people starving and far worse off than me in the world.

    How are you doing? :)
    Thank you very much, I appreciate it!! :) I personally recommend that you practice one hand at a time, as well as one part at a time. After a few minutes you will start to get board of the part, so then switch to the left hand, and then after you get board of that, switch to the right hand. Then switch to another part of the song. Keep doing that until eventually you will be able to put it all together. And if you start getting frustrated with the song and it becomes more of a chore than for fun, take a break. Piano should be something fun that helps relive stress, not cause stress. Just remember those tips and you will be all set! Thanks for the positive comments! :)

    - Kyle
    :eek: how rude of me!
    I just realised you sent two messages, I didn't see the first one sorry, I wasn't just ignoring the message.

    How is your revolutionary VLV album going?:)
    :bomb: That is so cool!! Love the song. Love the video!! I just watched The Amazing Spider-Man again, think I got on my sisters nerves as I was saying the lines with them :\ :lol: !!
    In reply to your first message: That's just what I love about music overall. I know it sounds cheesy but I love how it just sends me to my own little world, a magical place where all the things and people I love are. When I first played a keyboard/piano, about 1 year 1/2 ago, I felt happy, I just loved the freedom I had, everyone around me went silent (not literally but I just heard the music), it was fantastic.

    Reply to the second: No I hadn't heard it before (just listened).
    It was really good, I liked it.
    Thanks :nice:, I really love guitars and have always wanted to learn to play but I don't know if I'd get the hang of it :P, "if you never try you'll never know" I guess :P.
    I have 8 guitar picks/plectrums (not that sure which is the proper name? :thinking: ), but no guitar? :lol:

    AND I don't know if you have heard this... (below :P) but I think it is bloody brilliant, I am obsessed with this song at the minute:
    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HhZ1BdMtw_Q"]Little Wonders - Rob Thomas - Lyrics on Screen - (HQ) - YouTube[/ame]
    First, just learn your basic chords, C,G,D,F,E,Em,A,Am, etc. Just practice moving your fingers and hands back and forth. Your goal is to be able to move your fingers to different positions whenever you want.
    I see you saw my post :D Thank you :) There really are not any words and I STILL have yet to make steps towards processing any of it
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