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  • u know what??
    just search for Srijani Ganguly on Facebook....
    its weird...but there is nobody in this world(!!) wid my name...hahaha
    hiya...sorry tuk a break...he he..i do dat a lot
    yeah the fish r very stupid....welll india is a pooper(my frend's word for poor) country..but i feel sad for ol the talented craftsmen the most coz they r not that appreciated...even tho there are tons of craft fairs

    i finally finished my prac stuf tho...i'll shw u a pic of it..its a total waste of time

    oh yeah..there was holi (festival of colour n stuf...mainly its celebrated as d beginning of summer)

    what IS upp wid you???
    n 2mrws my seniors farewell..n i hav 2 do d decoration...so im gonna go now n buy colrd paper
    Yes he is!!
    I ha to go watch it with my friend who had alreay watched it cus my dad doesn't like Robert and wouldn't take me..i think he's a little insane:p
    thank ya!!!
    yeah..the world is full of losers n nowadays ...i guess instead of imitation is the best form of flattery....its slowly becuming suing ppl over idiotic plagiarism is the best form of flattery

    hey even i stayed at home....n i was trying to study too for my xams..wch were xtrmly awful..but who cares. my frnds n i..... v just celebrtd the end of our xams in kfc rite after givn the last one...sum ppl tho...didnt cum bcz thr was solar eclipse at that time...they r stillllll so superstitious !!

    n i'll tel ya one thing.....d govt n ol these climatologists hav been fooling us wid ths global warming bs.....its not becuming warm but colder n colder ..... :laugh3::laugh3:
    so many flights n trains hav been cancld bcoz of the fog....n the min temp is 5-8 degrees blo normal ...bunch of crazy ppl these weathermen...they are nvr rite

    n wassup wid u??
    Honey, i don´t have a job :lol:
    I´m a student. I have to do chores and save birthday money.
    I´ve tried onemanga, but you have to keep refreshing for the next page.
    And i like to read it on my hands.
    I´ve seen the series once online and another on adult Swim, it just ended and are going to show it again this midnight! *dance*
    Three times in a row :D I´m ready to hit the big 10.
    I started reading it, i can´t buy the mangas (saving for concert tickets) so i can´t get anything this year and early 2011.
    So i check them out in the library, but there are only volume 3,9 and 11.
    I just finished volume 3.
    how are you??
    im reali reali sorry...but i had my stupid exams...wch ended TODAY!!!!
    woohoo...plus my pracs wch were spsd to be held 2mrw...got postponed....double woo hoo!!
    these are the fishies
    they've grown prettty big now...n they are very hardy n adjusting....coz so many of them have survived!!

    n wassup wid u?
    how was new years??

    :dance: u got that right! :sneaky: i LOVEEEE RDJ!!! :dead: I DONT CARE IF HE'S 44 HE'S STILL SO SEXY! :laugh3: ok this sounds fun... can't wait to fangirl about robert with u :wacky: :wideeyed: :drunk:
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