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    LCD Soundsystem

    August? Would that possibly be @ Lowlands? ;)
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    LCD Soundsystem

    I've heard many positive things about them, but haven't had the oppertunity to listen thoroughly to them yet. "Daft Punk is playing at my house" really made me laugh though :p Do you know by any chance if their live performance is any good?
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    In pictures: Glastonbury day two

    So the Killers were good? Hmm I must confess that I'm not such a big fan of their latest cd, but gotta say I love the suit :p
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    The Muse Thread - Hate This & I'll Hate You

    haha YES ultimately the best performance ever! I was in extasy, seriously. Right in front of the band, the vibe in the crowd was amazing. In the vid you can even see Matt himself going wild :D omg I've never seen him like that before. Yeah, it was great. ^^
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    (game) The Next poster...

    hmm yeah why not Next poster has broken one or more of his devices like mp3players and cellphones due to carelessnes or violent misuse (that also includes holding it under water, putting it in the microwave, etc. :p).
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    Answer the question above you

    I love snow and I loooove snowboarding :D Do you ride a bicycle?
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    hey hun! Look at me, I'm online for the first time in like, half a year! *looks proud* just figured I'd come and say hi to ya, since I don't have enough time to send huge emails these days :$ next week you'll get a REAL big one, ok? :D Promise! *choco luuvv*
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    Do you think you're funny?

    Hmm I don't think I'm funny, but I hear quite often from people that their first impression of me was 'wow, she's TALL' and the second that I am cheerful and/or funny. I -unintentionally- tend to make a joke of myself quite often, so maybe that's why :p
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    Raise Your Hand If You Love Torrents

    haha yeah rapidshare is the evil in this world. Yay to torrents, I completely adore oink ^^
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    What are you honestly afraid of?

    I'm really afraid I eventually will have to face the fact that I'm not really as intelligent and skillful as I like to think I am. That I can't do everything, not even if I would try my best.
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    If you were a twin...

    I can imagine you would always have to compete with your twin sister or brother (or at least I probably would; I am a very competitive person :p) or am I wrong?
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    Tell me something about you that I don't know

    The last time I logged in before today must have been like.. half a year ago. I feel ashamed :$
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    NEDERLAND of BELGÏE (The Netherlands or Belgium)

    Prettig kennis met jullie te maken, Gábor en Anouk :) Und guten tag Lars! :) Kommst du infiltrieren bei die Niederländer? :P Willst du vielleicht etwas mehr auf holländisch lernen? ;)
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    What are you listening to RIGHT NOW?

    Zox - Starry Night
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    Can you whistle?

    I can't whistle :( But I have to confess, I never really tried hard to learn it, so lets blame the lazyness :)
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    Last night

    You are an incredible person, really.. *shakes head and throws another brick to your penguinny head* :P
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    Last night

    God, you're scary Reillo :P
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    (game) The Next poster...

    NO. Definately not ;) next poster doesn't like Keane (please :rolleyes: )
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    German Fans?

    Was ist dein Nachname denn? :) Und ja, naturlich kenne ich Kane! Sie sind nett, aber ich bin kein großen Fan von ihnen. Oh god it's so difficult to talk in German.. I'm sure I made at least 10 mistakes in those 2 sentences :P In particulair the.. Geslechtsworten? (could that be the German...
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    NEDERLAND of BELGÏE (The Netherlands or Belgium)

    Hallo mede-Nederlandssprekenden! :) Ik ben heel lang niet op het forum geweest.. dus ik denk niet dat jullie mij (nog?) kennen. Ik ben Eline ;)