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    Why do you love Ghost Stories?

    It's a wonderfully beautiful album! Definitely one of their best, top 3 in my book. It's very honest, raw with emotion, and evolved. That's what I love about them.... They always grow and evolve when they just let it flow organically. When it's forced and rushed.. You get a 60%effort record like...
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    Ghost Stories Unreleased Tracks

    B-sides? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Parachutes vs. Ghost Stories!

    To difficult to even try!! Lol but kudos to all of you for doing it! :p Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    A Theory about "O"

    It's a beautiful song! He did mention in an interview that it is a difficult song to listen to because it's so personal... And the added fact that both Apple & Moses sing on the "secret track" & reprise versions of the song respectively.... It means a lot to him. Very personal album all around...
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    [5-May-2014] Beacon Theatre, New York, USA

    is there any way we can reach out to management or the band to let them know this?? This is terrible... :( I missed out because I didn't see the email. I feel like such a dork for not seeing it sooner!!!!!! :( A friend of mine actually sent me a screen shot of a link that says tix on sale on...
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    [5-May-2014] Beacon Theatre, New York, USA

    not true... I've done paperless and will call gigs here in NYC.
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    New Coldplaying ownership

    Congrats on the new ownership and keeping CPing ALIVE!! I too remember you from back in the day on the old CPMB... Phantom too!! (Sean!) lol - wishing you and the staff all the best... *raises glass* to new memories as we embark on another new album together.... where Coldplay fans unite! x
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    Definitely diggin this tune over Midnight!!!! It's got a catchy rhythm, no auto tune... Lol I'm a fan! Can't wait for the album.
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    [3-Aug-2012] Coldplay @ Izod Center, East Rutherford, NJ, USA

    ^ :surprised: wow!! Look how big the kids are!!!! So cute...
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    First Coldplay Song You Ever Heard?

    Don't Panic.... My friend played this song for me and I was instantly intrigued. Until I heard Trouble... Then I was in love. The rest is history.
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    Occupy Wall Street Movement

    I can't believe this 'movement' is still going lol - should be interesting once the elections come around..
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    Caution on Twitter urged as tourists barred from US

    washed up country?!?! :rolleyes: Um... ok.
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    [Poll] Would you rather...

    call me ol'fashioned but I prefer my singles to be cds. :) Collecting them is 1/2 the fun!!!
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    Charlie Brown Music Videos (Live & Studio - both videos in first post)

    interesting video... but not brilliant!! I love the song.. its my favorite off MX..... the video, not so much. I gave it 3 CBs. :lol:
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    Protect IP Act (PIPA - S.968) and Stop Online Privacy Act (SOPA – H.R.3261) and all that Megaupload

    Actually it would keep the costs down because that the point of having healthcare for all.... well wait, bad choice of words.... not 'low cost' but 'fairly cost'? I can't explain... :( But I think it would cheapen the quality of care (already poor) even more... :( my battery is dying...
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    What made you happy today?

    Waking up to see another day that I've been blessed to see :)
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    Protect IP Act (PIPA - S.968) and Stop Online Privacy Act (SOPA – H.R.3261) and all that Megaupload

    THIS NEEDS TO BE BUMPED!!!!! The lead sponsor of the U.S. Stop Online Piracy Act, a controversial copyright enforcement bill, will remove a much-debated provision that would require Internet service providers to block their subscribers from accessing foreign websites accused of infringing the...
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    Occupy Wall Street Movement

    ^when the OWS protesters were 'removed', they did allow them back in the same day!! They just weren't allowed to 'camp' there..... so I don't see how they've been kicked out since November... I think they're getting very sloppy with their protest.... i guess with the election year upon us...
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    Americans have just lost the right to a fair trial

    sad but true... :embarrassed: isn't this just an extension of the Patriot Act??? Not that I was ever in real favor of that either but... :\
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    Americans have just lost the right to a fair trial

    woah! Goes to show you how 'lost' I have been!!! I didn't even hear about this!!! :shocked: