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    hahaha I totally had to think forever before I got what cats you were referring to, then I scrolled down and oh yeah there they were in my previous post :awesome: it's too early in the morning :dead: wait it's like 1:30pm bahaha.

    OMG WHICH FILM WAS IT?? A good one I hope :wacky:
    hahahaa you must be bored :awesome:

    awww so many cute kittys :blush: I like the one with just a big kitty face on it lul and the one with the kitty hanging from the clothes line :awesome:. I wish I had a cat here right now so I could pet it and it would curl up next to me and purrrrrr :heart:



    haha aaww I'm glad I can make you happy with my comments! :botoxlips: sweetest izzylady :blush:

    lawl that cant be very good for your economy :awesome: bye bye money :nice: hello pretty things :wideeyed:

    Hmmm I dunno :thinking: I think I'd want something with cats on it, or maybe it'd be better if it was one colour only (like red, turquoise, mint, blue) so I could pimp it up with lots of stickers :awesome:
    Haha yeah I should have :wacky: but I didnt want you to die from laughter :anxious:

    Naw :awesome: I like girly stuff but mostley when other people have them hmmm is that weird? That's the thing, I dont know what kind I like until I see it which makes it a bit difficult to find what I want. A friend of mine had a pretty red wallet with the turtles characters on it. I liked that one.
    I didnt do anything useful either :wacky: except for laughing like an idiot at/with one of my housemates when she sang a swedish christmas carol in english. She doesnt speak english very well and the translation of the song we found on the internet sucked lul :awesome: . Oh good times :nice:.
    OH WOW WHAT DOES IT LOOK LIKE? :cry2: I dont have a wallet cause I can never find one I like :anxious:
    wooot I didnt know that feature excisted either :wacky: so like you make it private so people cant read your conversations, or what? :thinking:

    Booooo I want you to get my card already :bigcry:
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