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  • Christmas on 26 was good. It started at 1pm and ended at 2am!! Lots of games and nice gifts. I got 2 books, a CD (Adele's 21) and a ticket for a show on 7.1.12. Wednesday (it is Thursday, 29.12 here now) I visited a friend from 2pm to 8:40pm (we had lunch & beer - later coffee) and listened to music (Christmas music CD, then Coldplay, Abba and classical music) and talked. It was a very nice day.
    I cannot watch Swedish SVT2, and now they re-broadcast the Coldplay interview. When I try to watch it, I am told to update my Flash Player and that it might involve disabling my anti-virus programme - which worries me. So I have not watched it. Have you seen it (it is about the Viva la Vida album, its success, the suing, hypnosis of Jonny).
    Today has been quiet - up at 9:30 to check coldplaying.com. Then back to bed until 3pm. Then afternoon tea with my neighbour. Saw a bit of EMMA starring Gwyneth. Tonight I watched MAMMA MIA based on ABBA songs. Meryl Streep has one of the leading roles. Tomorrow is the big day together with my brother, his partner, my brother's 3 children. We will be a total of 8 people for exchange of gifts and something nice to eat. I am almost ready to leave - so I am prepared.
    I am living 25 minutes from Copenhagen in a suburb. My eldest niece is living in Copenhagen, whereas my nephew is living quite in my neighbourhoood, but he is always busy so I see him on family occasions. My youngest niece is also living in a suburb as am I. We are seeing each other at family occasions.
    I have a few very close friends that I see frequently and a very good neighbour who is older than me. My family I mainly see each other on family occasions.
    So you are not joining your family early on 25 December? I have read that in the UK and in the USA gifts are opened early in the morning. But with your family background you are not typical American. I wish you a good Christmas party at your sister's .
    and MERRY CHRISTMAS to you and your dear ones.

    The big day for me will be on 26.12 when I will have a nice Christmas celebration with my 29-year-old nephew Anders and my 24-year old niece Charlotte and 11-year-old niece Caroline - exhange of gifts and good food. Tomorrow will be a quiet day. Maybe we will meet online again, Amy. It is so nice to talk to you online. You have been much away - studying etc. So nice to talk a lot to you these days as you are one of my top favourites here. really. A big :hug:
    I guess that you have to write something like:

    We - your greatest fans - have made a video with Christmas videos with surprises for you. The link is (yet to to be told).

    My verses should be somewhere in the video.

    I was also thinking of just sending them the verses (but of course, only if everything goes wrong - to prove that everything's not lost.
    Here it is almost midnight, so I am going to bed soon. So it is almost 11pm in the UK. I do not know - if it is now very soon time to send an email with the link - then someone else must do it. Because I am going to bed soon. I can feel the 1½ glass of red wine followed by 3/4 bottle of dessert wine. I fear that I must fail you in sending emails to Debs and the Anchorman. Can you do it for me? You have their email addresses, right?
    I have had duck plus potatoes plus red cabbage and sauce. Very nice - then rice pudding. Red wine to the duck and a special wine to the rice dessert. I have drunk more than ½ bottle (the one for the dessert). Yep, it means a lot to have you coldplayers as backing group. Therefore, it is also nice to be part of this Christmas greeting project. I do not know at what time to send the mails to Anchorman and Debs. So far I have done nothing. I hope that my rhyming verses will have been used (maybe minus the 2 verses about their visit to Copenhagen). Because without these 2 lines, the verses could have been form all of us - and that would be fine with me.
    Yes of course. The project has made me so excited. So even though I am alone on a Christmas Eve, it has been great. My brother called me (he and his partner are also alone tonight - she has been working today and again tomorrow - and another friend called me). Great stuff to eat + lots of red wine. And again this project. But again. At what time to send the email (it is 21:30 here in 10 minutes time).
    Hi, Have you been able to watch the big video - I am curious about my rhyming verses. Were they there?
    Hi Amy,
    I am afraid that I have not yet received your card, but then I have something to look forward to - I am awaiting cards from YOU and Lore (and Angie maybe).
    I do not know what part of Sri Lanka they visited. They came back with gifts - I got aloe vera lotion and green tea in a nice coloured box. And my eldest niece got some paper made of - elephant shit. LOL. It was not a joke.
    I read that your mother is coming back from Sri Lanka. Has she arrived? My brother and sister-in-law visited Sri Lanka and came back 12 days ago after a nice holiday.
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