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  • Ooo,and I can see a tiny bit of chest hair in the first pic too! :bomb: Gosh, I wish he wore one of those low cut ones like the other guys do here and there. Just once at least! :bomb: :dead: :drunk:
    OMG, would you look at his neck in that first pic! :dead: It's so sexy it's scandalous! And the second pic: is that belly I see? It looks kinda white. I'm not sure, but I likey! :D OH, the scruff, THE SCRUFF!!!!!!! I cannot resist it! He is trying to kill us all! :dead: :dead::dead:
    Yes, it would be great to see tummy, but you can see the curve of his tummy right above where the fabulous blue shirt is tucked in. And I have to admit, everytime he wears that blue shirt tucked in, it looks like his pants are about to explode! :eek::wink3::sneaky::D
    Eeee! The countdown! Oh, I CANNOT wait to see them again. I pray for their safe travel every day! Heehee! Oh, and looky here:

    Woah, row 3? On the floor? But those are never for sale b/c they save them to give out on the day of the show to nosebleed peeps. Unless something has changed. Shit, I really hope you aren't getting ripped off.

    For both Florida shows, we are right by the ramp of love. The first one in Orlando has a small floor section right up against this ramp and we are row 2. So should be good! Second one, we are in lodge. But row 2 again. We are gonna hold up our sign as Jonny comes over to his ramp and also when Chris does, so they will hopefully both see it.

    I remember you had a sign. What did it say again?
    WOW! What row is that? Do u know seat # and everything? Is your mom going with you? If she bails, call me! ;) lol I am excited about Nov. I just wish we had floor seats. Jonny looks around a lot at the people on the floor. I don't know if he will see us off to the side. We are very close to his ramp too, but to the left, not in between the ramps. You sound like you will have a GREAT view. And he WILL likely look right at you. Most people are staring at Chris, so Jonny notices if you stare at him the whole time. At least that has been my experience. I felt like I had a friggin staring contest with him. It was awesome!!! ****THUD****
    Yes, heehee. Nov 7th and 9th with Mel and Angie again! Show Ho trio! These 2 shows are in Florida. Chances are good there will be some good-natured stalking about. Good luck with your stalking. :)
    Hi! Who do you know that works for the band?! :eek:

    We met them between 3 and 3:30. They do soundchecks. They were lying to you. Or maybe they don't know.;)
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