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    Have you ever...?

    Not that I can remember! Can't make any promises about when I was a wee tot though. HYE done something really romantic on Valentine's Day?
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    The "What I should Be Doing" Game!

    Cleaning my kitchen, seeing as my fiance is coming home with a bunch of groceries pretty soon.
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    Governor's Ball

    Kendrick Lamar is supposedly on Saturday Night Live tonight. Looking forward to it!
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    10 [random] songs on your iTunes - The Randomizer!

    One Man Army - Our Lady Peace Fisherman's Son - The Rankins No Woman No Cry - Bob Marley Aston Martin Music - Rick Ross Thistle & Weeds - Mumford and Sons Nothing But Time - Metric Sail - Awolnation Sort of a Protest Song - Matthew Good Band Sweet Disposition - The Temper Trap Jack and...
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    Mr. D (TV show on CBC)

    Anybody out there watch Mr. D? It's a Canadian comedy show about a teacher who has really questionable methods. It's absolutely hilarious and - bonus - it's filmed in my town. It stars Gerry Dee and you can stream it on :D Not sure if it's available in other countries though. As a...
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    What's the weather like today in your town?

    Clear, -19 C with a windchill of -26 C in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.
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    Have you ever...?

    No, but it seems like fun. Sounds vain, but I'm usually too worried about my hair! HYE given a homemade gift?
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    What annoyed you today?

    The woman who parks next to me in our parking lot woke me up at 7:30 this morning to ask for a boost, so I helped her out. She drove away, and came back 4 minutes later with a coffee. Grrrr.
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    Have you ever...?

    Nope. I haven't sung anything on karaoke actually! Hard to work up the courage :P HYE taken credit for something you didn't do?
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    The Coldplaying Pub.

    That's cool :) nice to meet you too.
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    The Coldplaying Pub.

    Hi Diana, thanks for the welcome! I'm Jessica. I used to post in this forum a lot but I haven't been around for a couple years or so. It's good to be back! Where are you from?
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    the "god" game

    Gloves + an instruction manual = readable gloves?
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    Jack reacher

    I didn't realize it was a book series. I skipped the movie though, it looks just like the next installment of Mission Impossible!
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    What are you listening to?

    Metric - The Wanderlust
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    Coachella 2013

    Ooh great lineup. Especially April 12 & 19 ( <3 Lou Reed). Now all I need is a plane ticket.