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  • Hey well sorry to end this short, but I got to go. It was nice talking you again, I might be back later though!!!
    Talk to you later!!!!
    cause i figth wit my friend and i feel sick... but mostly because we figth soo i was not in the mood to go..:(... what u doing?
    uy eso no es nada!! eso me vale el pasaje de ida y venida :laugh3:
    ps bueno ojalá te valla super bn en el viaje :)
    ahí seguimos hablando
    wow!! muy bacano el plan. que no se te olvide tomar bastantes fotos!! :D
    yo tambien voy para medellin en diciembre

    cuanto tiempo se necesita para mochilear por sur america?
    yo nací en medellín y viví varios años allá.. desde hace tiempo estoy fuera del pais pero todavía voy seguido porque me encanta.... no hay nada como colombia :p

    tu vives en nueva york cierto?
    Hello Ema! Hola'! :> I have only the rudimentary understanding of Spanish; friends from Guatemala, Costa Rica, Mexico, and elsewhere, but my Spanish is limited to just a few words and phrases.. You're already miles further down the road to mastering another language!! YAY!!!
    Madrid?? My mind wanders to a painting of a painting of an auto race - the Madrid to Paris run, circa 1903 - quite amazing how far advanced motoring was in Europe at that time. Anyhow, happy to hear from you!!
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