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    War of the Coldplay Songs

    Strawberry Swing vs. Trouble
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    War of the Coldplay Songs

    Twisted Logic vs. Low
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    War of the Coldplay Songs

    Fix You vs. Miracles
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    Name your Top 5 Coldplay songs

    Today Top 5: Always In My Head Politik O Everglow The Escapist
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    Favourite Lyric line

    I was just guessing at numbers and figures Pulling your puzzles apart Questions of science, science and progress Do not speak as loud as my heart
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    Have you ever...?

    No Have you ever visited Italy??
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    What would you vote if Coldplay did a "request show"?

    1. Always In My Head 2. In My Place 3. Yellow 4. A Message 5. Everglow 6. Don't Panic 7. Strawberry Swing 8. The Scientist 9. Clocks 10. Fix You Encore: 11. Politik 12. Speed Of Sound 13. Amsterdam 14. Up&Up 15. Everything's Not Lost 16. O (Fly On) or The Escapist
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    MX or Viva la vida

    For me, you should collcect VLV era stuff in terms of money beacuse VLV singles and cds are cheaper than MX ones (Paradise and HLH cost a lot!).
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    Italian Collector's Box - La Discografia Completa

    Già presi tutti in attesa delle ultime uscite;) Devo dire che non mi aspettavo che fossero così ben fatti. La qualità è ottima secondo me.
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    Have you ever...?

    No. Have your ever miss a train for a concert? (I do. This July at the U2 concert in Rome but i did in time eventually).
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    What is your favourite Coldplay song today?

    Today it's Amsterdam. I f***ing love this song!:arobtth:
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    What was the first Coldplay song did you ever hear?

    I can't remember when i heard a CP song for the first time. Probably it was Clocks and/or Speed of Sound back in 2005/6 when i was 13 yo. I started digging CP songs with Christmas Lights in 2010 and then i bought my first CP cd when MX came out. I regret not discover CP in AROBTTH/X&Y era...
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    = Coldplay Record/CD Collectors' Thread = This one?