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  • Hey :cheesy: How have you been keeping?
    I got your card the other day and finally opened it :wacko: Thank you so much first of all.
    I hope you had an awesome christmas :nice: and that 2011 has been treating you well so far. I can't wait till the new radiohead album. I'm afraid to hear the new coldplay one, I didn't like christmas lights and I'm afraid that the whole album will sound like that :lol:
    I did watch Amelie! oh my god I loved it so much :wacky:
    Thanks for the picture too ? slightly weirded when I saw first that you had sent one :lol: Don't worry though.
    AND THE BUTTERFLIES :heart: thank you for those.

    and you were reading my messages with briggins ? :inquisitive: I think if briggins was here he'd feel slightly violated.
    Haha oh Idaho, yeah it's been snowing here almost everyday since November. I'm really from Texas, just going to University here. Idaho is VERY interesting, we have some different people here. Yeah my Ukraine is good thanks to Google :p hehe
    I haven't heard of that :thinking: Our political system is pretty clean, I've met our mayor downtown a couple of times.
    Thanks, I took that from an idea I had a few months back to start with "everything has changed" and end with "Nothing gonna change my world".
    I, erm, don't like listening to covers of it :inquisitive: I'm odd that way.

    Yeah, that stinks :shifty:
    Hey :cool: Long time no...talk?
    Pretty good, been a pretty good year overall. How bout you?
    Hey thanks :awesome: I was really pleased with it in the end, spent a while on it. :inquisitive: Ok...

    And you've got my vote for Eastern Europe Ambassador :D You should have been up for best siggy as well.
    Oh wow !!! I thought you would have given it away to somebody else, it has been that long of a wait. Wow... I would love love love love love to receive your postcard.... Ohhhhh so excited..... Message me back and I'll give you an address to send it to :) So excited... You are amazing :)
    3 weeks or so and I'm back. I was thinking I might you send you my very delayed mix tape... Maybe it'll arrive in the mail just in time for Christmas. Just hold on !! So sorry my dear friend but one day I'll be saving lives - so I have to do it. lovelove my friend :)
    Don't worry about it, it wasn't your fault I presume :lol:
    It was soo lovely, you are too nice.

    I just need to make one up :wacky:

    I finally got your card this morning :dance: I love it soo much :heart: Thank you.
    I want to reply in a letter and not on this to be honest :wacko:
    I need inspiration,
    :lol: I'll draw something really simple and see if it gets on it.
    I doubt it would, but it would be funny if it did.
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