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  • Uhh well I'm not really hard-working :uhoh: but if I fail badly, I have nothing to lose, cos it's not like I'm failing a high school or college class, I only have knowledge to gain. I dunno that's just how I see it :bigcry:

    I know, I was a little overwhelmed by the tradition at LMU, but the tradition at LAN must be insane :surprised:

    Aww :hug: yeah it's so hard when you're in an environment where you don't know anyone, and worse, when everyone is laughing and forming their little circle of friends and you feel all left out. But it's worth it when you make the effort to talk to someone (or they talk to you cos you're the only one sitting alone :disappointed: hahaha)

    I want to, but a) I'm going to Romania earlier in the summer, and b) I go to CTY on a scholarship and they don't let you double-session if you can't pay for it. :disappointed: I'm really grateful that they have scholarships for it though, because it's such an amazing experience.
    I don't wanna leave LMU too :(. I mean I can do it, but I'm happy here.

    Electrical engineering, and maybe the hardcore one at JHU next year. Next year we can meet at JHU or at LAN, if you want.

    I mean not that this year is impossible, but uhhh when I go to a new site, I spend half the session crying about how nervous I am and about how nobody will like me... and it's wasting half a session being unhappy. I'm comfortable at this site now, if that makes sense. I don't know what to do :disappointed:
    Woah I typed up a message last time, but maybe I didn't click 'post message' or it didn't go through :(

    I don't know what to do though... because I wanna meet you, but I'd prefer taking an engineering class because it's a class I'm actually interested in and I've been waiting to take it for 2 years... but at the same time I'd feel so guilty because I've never met a Coldplayer and I would miss the opportunity to share a room and hang out with them for almost a month...

    Is there any possibility you can go to LMU this year, and next year I can come to the east coast? Or what do I do ?
    how expensive are binders and where can i find them anyways, if they're expensive or hard to find i'm gonna have to find some sort of alternative

    and it kinda sucks how people think you can't like be a feminist and genderqueer at the same time and they kinda just scoff at you

    that is epic i am jealous i am too uncoordinated for anything ever
    omg i've started kinda like using some sort of bra thing to flatten me boobz cause i don't have a binder yet and just that makes me feel like 700 times more comfortable and better about myself yay haha (though it could still be a lot better)
    Yeah, hehe, haven't really been around much this year, have I? :disappointed:

    Don't worry, I'm the same way. I'll love a drawing for 24 hours, but once I look at it after that, I'm like OH SWEET MACARONI IT'S HIDEOUS
    If you still want to be a roommate with me, for sure, I mean I'm not 100% sure I can do it but it would be a great experience and I'm down for it :smiley:
    Oh god, why wouldn't I want that? I just like to debate, even people that I talk to on here every day we just scream at each other for the most thought-provoking or ridiculous topics, I'm sorry if I come off like a dick. I guess this really isn't the same because this is a personal topic for you.

    Sometimes it gets out of hand I guess, one time I was bantering with someone on MSN about something stupid like downloading a file, and I was just teasing him and poking fun at him and he completely fucking lashed out at me and we blocked each other and we haven't talked in like 2 years, it's so stupid and I don't want any kind of situation like that to happen with anyone else I know.

    And I remember once before I made a post to you about different types of intelligence or something, that might've come off quite dickish too, I read your reply afterwards and I just felt like an idiot because you were so polite and you wrote things so well
    HeyHi, sth I wanted to apologise for much earlier but was too preoccupied with other stuff:
    Sorry for using "she" and "only" when refering to you and your age in that one post ages ago. I only properly read your thread AFTER posting it, hence the wrong pronoun. And there's no good excuse for the "only"...:facepalm::disappointed: Hope you didn't mind too much! :)
    Well yeah, I don't know why that's funny to me I just have a dumb sense of humor :disappointed:


    Really? Does it work? I read that in the packets they send you when you're accepted, but it says that it rarely works. :surprised:

    I used to think I was too dumb for it :disappointed:
    But I started to take a class about all the different fields and I really love it! It's a good compromise for people who love math and like drawing (which sounds like you too)

    I want to try, even if I fail miserably (which is very likely). I don't want to run away from what I'm afraid of, you know? :nod:

    Off-topic, but do you have a Tumblr? :surprised:
    I read about LAN on the CTY site and it said "This is a nut-sensitive site" omg I don't know why it's so funny but I can't stop laughing ahahah aaha

    Yeah number theory sounds cool
    Idk I just wanna be hallmates with a Coldplayer

    I heard there's an engineering class there that is super intensive, like you have to write research papers and turn them in when you get to CTY and you have to do homework outside of class, I wanna take it out of interest but it sounds absolutely terrifying hahah
    EDIT: oh no it's at JHU http://www.realcty.org/mw/index.php?title=Investigations_in_Engineering
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