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  • He is easily the most fashionable one out of them...with his sunglasses and stuff. Chris always says he's the band's fashion icon. And the checkered shirt was sooo cute! Ahh!
    I know it baffles me how he has a child :| I thought he was like 25 or something, but I found out he was like 31 and I was like WOAH.
    AHAHAHA THAT HAPPENS TO ME TOO! I see 42 everywhere and whenever I do I just go like "42!!!!", like a reflex, then everyone stares at me o_O And today in history my teacher said "Roman cavalry" and me and my friend (who is not a Coldplay fan but loves the song Viva La Vida) were like ":D:D:D"
    Ahhh you are SO LUCKY you have a friend to obsess over Coldplay with. I have a friend who is a pretty big Coldplay fan, but she doesn't care much about the members or anything and she didn't even bother trying to get tickets to go to AD to see them, and she doesn't know many of their new songs :| So she's not obsessive like me, haha.
    You're lucky you have friends who are accepting of your Coldplay addiction! My friends are just like ":| shut up"

    Oh btw i just saw this, does Guy seriously have an Aston Martin? Because that is just HOT.
    Also, is your sig pic taken from Coldplay live in AD? It's GORGEOUS! I have something rain-related in my sig too haha. It seems we're the only ones on this site who went to the concert :S
    That's good! :)
    Hahaha I loved the random story!
    Hahaha that's awesome! All the guys I've ever liked really didn't like Coldplay, so I don't know how it could've ever worked out O_O I can't imagine going out with someone who would get annoyed if I played Coldplay all the time. Is that normal? Hahaha.
    I have no idea when school ends, actually, it depends on my exam schedule for the last week of school. I think I may be out by June 8th. Which is so FAR FROM NOW D: Does school end for you after exams?

    Btw you posted on the Berryman thread! Welcome! :) I don't post as often as the others do but I drop by every once in a while ^^

    IM ADDICTED TO COLDPLAY'S TWITTER PAGE AS WELL O_O waking up to like 10 new photos of guy scrumptiousness = PURE HEAVEN.
    Hi Joanna :) You're welcome ^^
    Eh, yeah, I should probably give it a listen.
    Well, actually I've always been a huge Coldplay fan -- loved them since I was 6 years old, haha, when Yellow came out! No joke. My mom bought Parachutes and we listened to it all the time when I was little, and I moved to Dubai in 2001, and they play Coldplay a lot over here, so I kind of grew up listening to them. Green Day was a temporary thing, lol, but I still have their songs on my iPod. My favorite is "Jesus Of Suburbia". It's EPIC.
    I'm guessing your exam is over? How did it go?
    OMG I WAS OBSESSED WITH GREEN DAY A FEW YEARS AGO TOO! :O i used to love american idiot and stuff haha. I really don't like "Know The Enemy". D: It's so repetitive!
    Oh mann. Good luck!
    Btw, my name is Madina :) What's yours?
    Ahh I hope not :( we definitely were special though!

    Yeah, I downloaded it :nice: I know, I was thinking that too! Glass Of Water is my favorite part of LRLRL and it would be AMAZING if it were recorded in AD!

    I KNOW! I asked the Oracle too but it doesn't ever answer me :( I bet thousands of people have asked that question too. Maybe it's on the hard copy of LRLRL? :\
    I'm sure they will -- on Coldplay.com they keep talking about how great the show was and stuff. Remember how before The Scientist, Chris told us that, "As audiences go, and we've had a few, I can tell you that the official results are in, and you guys are ranking number one in the world."
    And everybody screamed :D
    I hope he doesn't say that to like EVERY crowd. Maybe we were special?
    I KNOW, ME TOO! When they played Talk and GPASUYF right in front of me I was like "GUYY!!! :D" He's SO SEXY IN REAL LIFE :heart: And Jonny was adorable :heart:

    Lovers In Japan was beautiful! It was perfection...I also loved the part where Chris was asking everyone if they were in love! Hehe that was so cute! :)

    Wasn't the rain just the icing on the cake?
    Seriously? That's awesome! I felt kind of alone, haha. Not anymore :)

    Yeah, I'm pretty new to the site as well. ^_^

    Did you go see Coldplay live in Abu Dhabi on March 28? :D
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