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    Regarding the crappy piano sounds... I've noticed the pianos in general sound more lo-fi on this album. That's not a bad thing necessarily; Chris chose to tour with a keyboard sound from 1999 (kawaii mp9000) from 2002-2012 on his yamaha Gt20 controller. The real upright piano they use now...
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    AHFOD: Leak Hunting Thread (Status: No Leak Reported) MX was the first leak I followed and that whole summer drove me crazy. From the ditched Eno sessions, to the scrapped acoustic album, to the discarded animated film, and finally the surprise drop of ETIAW... even then the torture persisted...
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    AOAL Music Video (Out Nov 27th)

    It looks like Andy Serkis' Imaginarium in London... I wonder if Simon Pegg connected him with the band after trolling the Star Wars set.
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    Has anybody else noticed this?

    When I watched the album release, I categorized these lyrics in the same place as all the words that show up on Coldplay's stage, instruments, and clothing. Sometimes it felt like the Viva guitars were repainted every show... not to mention all the stuff hidden on the MX wall:)
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    "Miracles" new original song by Coldplay for movie "Unbroken"

    Imagine this: Chris’ computer malfunctions and the movie studios get sent the wrong file. By some luck, this gloomy war movie ends triumphantly with Car Kids. Now that would be a Miracle.
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    "Miracles" new original song by Coldplay for movie "Unbroken"

    It looks like there are some tabs and lyrics floating around. Is it safe to assume these are fake?
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    Criticisms with the album?

    Coldplay are definitely entering an age of maturity and precision when it comes to production. Despite the solipsism surrounding Chris' lyrics and songwriting, this record features a surprising amount of experimentation by the full band. Each and every song features some unique offering from...
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    Ghost Stories review

    Haha that was worse than Pitchfork...
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    A Sky Full Of Stars - Music Video

    This would have been better with Simon Pegg on Harmonica.
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    A Sky Full Of Stars - Music Video

    Is there an official acoustic version that leaked??? Like PoC and Lost?
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    Why do you love Ghost Stories?

    Haha I love the title "ASFOS Apologist"! It does feel like a daunting task sometimes, explaining why Coldplay have earned the right to do that song. I think the biggest idea people have to grasp to appreciate modern music is the path every band takes to get to their present sound. I feel that...
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    Criticisms with the album?

    One of the understated ways that Coldplay has grown is the range of style/colors in their sound. Although Parachutes and Rush are the foundation to their sound, I find it much easier to play those albums in the background. Viva, MX, and Ghost Stories feel more like theatrical productions that...
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    Ghost stories song meanings.. in my opinion.

    While these "Ghosts" are loosely defined as people and experiences from the past, you're definitely right that Chris throws in a ton of religious stuff. I really wish he would talk about it more; perhaps at some point he'll reminisce about Viva in an interview. He must have a bunch of ideas...
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    Is Ghost Stories About Nutella?

    I'm calling NUTELLA ALBUM. Let's make it happen!
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    A message about ghost stories.

    What's even more of a coincidence is Up With the Birds. Does anybody else think its creepy that UWTB and O have the same exact message? Instead of "float all over the world just to see her again" its "Maybe one day I'll fly next to you". It's the same exact ending though: "This...