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  • nice to meet you Katy :)
    good, you are a musician. which instruments do you play? :)
    can we listen you? :nice:

    oh well i've heard graphics are not as good as TS2 :\ and nobody told me about if it have new and better features. :\
    sounds good! :) its a hard life to have young kids but its worth it, right!? :)

    i would like to hear something of the music you´re doing with the brass quintett and the british brass band! do you (as a band) have a myspace site?
    It s not that bad. So I have much time for my own. But sometimes I wish I had someone to lean on..
    It s sunday and I m tired..
    Hmm I m sorry for you that Mexico is too far away to go to see Coldplay there!
    How many kids do you have?
    And sorry that I ask this question but do they still have their dady at home?
    (My sister´s kids for example dont have him anymore..)
    lonesome. but i m fine. i dont know what to say. i m thinking much at times.
    i want a simple and easy life.
    i dont need the high standarts of life we have but i have high expectations to life..
    i expect to be free! that i can do what i want to and all that..
    you know, i dont need a flat screen telly.. i have a feeling that everyone wants to have one just ´to be cool´..
    how are you?? :)
    how´s your life at the moment?
    yes i used to play TS2 a lot, but it got broken or something because everytime i runned it it freezed my computer and i could never save a game :(
    may the CD got damaged... because it can't be a problem of my OS. :\

    i've heard new sims 3 is not so good, so i don't know if get it for xmas or not.... but i miss play with TS2 :cry: it was a good game.

    btw what's your name?
    Sounds good! I once played cello but thats long time ago and I can´t play it anymore.
    I only can play some christmas songs. All my other experiences have gone.
    :D haha yes very busy :)
    I spend a lot of my time outside these days.
    Its spring and if the sun shines everything is allright.
    Today the sun is shining again and I need to go out somehow :nice:
    And I dont have to work so much the last days and weeks..
    So I can do what I want to but finding a training position isn´t that easy.
    hope you´re well!?
    heey thank you for inviting me :nice:
    hope you´re well!?
    i have seen you on around here but you vote against ´things i dont understand´ :bigcry:
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