My B-Side Collection


New Coldplayer
Sep 17, 2005
Hi all,

I'm working on a B-Side set and was wondering if anybody can help. I'm currently at 5 discs. Here is the track list so far:

01. Bigger Stronger (Safety EP)
02. No More Keeping My Feet On The Ground (Safety EP)
03. Such A Rush (Safety EP)
04. Shiver (Evening Session)
05. We Never Change (Evening Session)
06. Brothers & Sisters (Evening Session)
07. Bigger Stronger (Evening Session)
08. Brothers & Sisters
09. Easy To Please
10. Only Superstition
11. Bigger Stronger
12. Don't Panic (early version)
13. See You Soon
14. For You
15. Careful Where You Stand
16. Help Is Round The Corner
17. Shiver (acoustic from Jo Whiley's Lunchtime Social)
18. Yellow (acoustic from Jo Whiley's Lunchtime Social)

01. Brothers & Sisters (new version)
02. Don't Panic (Live in Norway)
03. Trouble (Live in Norway)
04. Shiver (Live in Norway)
05. Sparks (Live in Norway)
06. Yellow (Live in Norway)
07. Everything's Not Lost (Live in Norway)
08. You Only Live Twice (Live in Norway)
09. Bigger Stronger (Live in Norway)
10. Spies (Live at Lowlands Festival)
11. Bigger Stronger (Live at Lowlands Festival)
12. Yellow (Live at Lowlands Festival)
13. Trouble (Live in Denmark)
14. Shiver (Live in Denmark)
15. Sparks (Live in Denmark)
16. Don't Panic (OUI FM acoustic version)
17. Life Is For Living

01. Have Yourself A Merry Little Xmas (Mince Spies)
02. Yellow (The Alpha Remix)
03. Trouble (2 Meter Session)
04. Don't Panic (KCRW acoustic version)
05. Spies (KCRW acoustic version)
06. Shiver (KCRW acoustic version)
07. Yellow (KCRW acoustic version)
08. Trouble (KCRW acoustic version)
09. Shiver (World Cafe acoustic version)
10. Yellow (KTCL acoustic version)
11. Trouble (KTCL acoustic version)
12. Yellow (Y100 Sonic Session)
13. In My Place (Y100 Sonic Session)
14. The Scientist (Y100 Sonic Session)
15. Yellow (Live at WBCN River Rave)
16. In My Place (KZON acoustic version)
17. The Scientist (AOL acoustic version)
18. Yellow (Live at the Fillmore for KFOG)

01 - Yellow [99X Live X Session]
02 - The Scientist [99X Live X Session] (Hidden Track)
03 - One I Love
04 - I Bloom Blaum
05 - 1.36
06 - I Ran Away
07 - Clocks (Edit)
08 - Crests of Waves
09 - Animals
10 - Murder
11 - 2000 Miles
12 - Have Yourself A Merry Little Xmas (Live - NBC Sounds of the Season)
13 - Yellow (Live at the Hollywood Bowl)
14 - Yellow (Live on KCRW - Dec. 11, 2001) [Piano Version]
15 - In My Place (Live at Manchester Evening News - Oct. 11, 2002)
16 - Politik (Live at Wembley - Oct. 21, 2002)
17 - Lips Like Sugar (Live in Paris)

01 - Politik (Live In Rotterdam Nov.5 2002)
02 - Shiver (Live In Rotterdam Nov.5 2002)
03 - Daylight (Live In Rotterdam Nov.5 2002)
04 - Trouble (Live in Rotterdam Nov. 5 2002)
05 - The Scientist (Live in Rotterdam Nov. 5 2002)
06 - Green Eyes , Mooie Ellebogen (Live in Rotterdam Nov. 5 2002)
07 - Clocks (Live in Rotterdam Nov. 5 2002)
08 - In My Place (Live in Rotterdam Nov. 5 2002)
09 - Everything's Not Lost (Live in Rotterdam Nov. 5 2002)
10 - Yellow (Live in Rotterdam Nov. 5 2002)
11 - Til Kingdom Come
12 - How You See The World

All the tracks are sourced from original CDs (singles, compilations, promos, etc.). I know I'm missing a few. Can anybody help out? I'm looking for anything that's missing, preferably from the best source(s) available. No mp3 or lossy stuff! And, obviously, there's a reward for contributions (copy of the set, bootlegs, or whatever).

Thanks in advance!


New Coldplayer
Sep 12, 2005
I didn't see Solid Ground on your list. Its not exactly a B-Side though, rather a rare song that appeared in one of their live shows. Do you know about it/already have it?


New Coldplayer
Sep 17, 2005
I haven't heard of that one. I'm trying to avoid bootleg stuff, at least for this set - unless there's some sbd/pre-fm sourced rarities that I can include.

I need to get the Speed Of Sound and Fix You b-sides, the alternate version of Talk, and stuff like that.


Sep 19, 2005
Well, technically they aren't all b-sides, but....

- The Scientist (Reversed) from The Scientist DVD single
- Live 2003 DVD stuff that isn't on the companion CD (Daylight, Trouble, Don't Panic, The Scientist, Life Is For Living)
- Trouble (soundcheck clip) - rock-out version from Live 2003 DVD
- How You See The World No. 2 from War Child benefit album
- Talk 3CD Dutch Live EP
- X&Y B-Sides (Things I Don't Understand, Proof, The World Turned Upside Down, Pour Me (Live at The Hollywood Bowl), Sleeping Sun, Gravity)
- Exclusive live versions of Speed Of Sound, Fix You, & Talk available at (download-only)
- How You See The World (Live at Earl's Court) - new Hardest Part b-side

- Collaborations:
What's Going On (The London Version feat. Bono & Chris Martin)
Where Is My Boy (Faultline feat. Chris Martin)
Your Love Means Everything Pt. 2 (Faultline feat. Chris Martin)
Gold In Them Hills (Ron Sexsmith feat. Chris Martin)
In The Sun - 3 versions from Michael Stipe's EP

- Unofficial Stuff:
Ode To Deodorant/Brothers + Sisters (Demo)
Spies (Nikolai Levy Remix)
Complete Y100 Sonic Sessions (esp. Warning Sign & In My Place)
Idiot (Live)
Lost Highway (Live)
A Ghost (KCRW)
A Rush Of B-Sides To Your Head exclusive tracks (Don't Panic (live), In My Place (acoustic), The Scientist (acoustic), Hunting High & Low (live))
Streets Of Baltimore (Live)
Sweet Marianne (Live)
Ladder To The Sun (Live)
Solid Ground aka The Water Flows Over (Live)
World Turned Upside Down (Original Version) (Live)
Talk (Leaked Version)
Ring Of Fire (Live)
World Cafe/Japanese Acoustic Session (Swallowed In The Sea, Til Kingdom Come, A Message, Warning Sign)

Except for the stuff marked Live, most of the above is excellent sound quality.

There's also a pretty exhaustive discography at that you might want to check out.

There may be more, but that's all I can think of for now....