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  • Nice! Did you take that photograph yourself? Looks good.

    Before submitting to iTunes, I plan on making new album art, and probably re-mastering the tracks too. Should be fun ;)
    Thank you, It's really nice to hear positive things from listeners! :)

    Even from just a handful of people. While I'm sure those who have heard it probably think, "Hey, yeah, that isn't too bad," almost no one will actually make comment... so it's pretty encouraging to get good feedback from people (who aren't your roommates, friends, or relatives! :D).
    Hey! Thanks for checking out the tunes! :) I really appreciate the kind words.

    Yep, Optimistic was written/recorded/mixed by me, over the course of a few months this past summer. Unfortunately, right now there's nowhere to download or purchase the tracks, but this is mainly due to the fact that I don't know many people who would be willing to actually buy it! I am considering submitting the EP to iTunes (via TuneCore), it is a tiny investment (about $30 for one year) but then I can actually tell people I am listed on iTunes. haha.

    I will keep you posted if my music is accepted there, but in the meantime it's just me trying to get the songs out there in any way I can. Tell your friends! Hehehe ;-)
    ouch. i hate that, grr i can't stand my other computer. this one's my grammy's. it goes soooo fast/slow. it's strange.
    how've you been?
    haha not at all. it's like Here We Go Again because man, once it leaks next year, all Hell will break loose. If this many people bought VLV and loved it..... what's the next album going to be :uhoh:
    Nope no money, but someone offered to get it for me! I guess... kinda creepy though. nice of him! That's awesome, I'm glad you have the song now. It's on the thread and everything. *sigh* I think our work is finally complete until next year. LP5....
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