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  • Hi Ellen! How are you? What is new?? I haven't talked to you in ages! Actually this is the first time I have logged on to coldplaying in a few months! Are you enjoying married life? :)
    Hi Ellen,
    It is a while since we talked. I have just come home from the Coldplay concert in Parken. It was wonderful and I met some coldplayers I had not met before and saw some Coldplayers I had already met. Very nice indeed. What news from you?
    Muita coisa pra fazer nesse fim de ano, provas e coisas que eu me meto a fazer.. enfim, rotina de final de período xD Mas td tranquilo, e vc como vai? ^^
    oooh don't get me wrong, Coldplay is stil my favourite band ever <3
    no doubt about that :awesome: I'm just not that hyper active fangirl anymore (like I was last year) I do miss that sometimes :|

    I will look in your siggy right away

    and no I don't come spam here anymore :( we used to have this huge thread were some belgians and a few others would spam but when they cannceled all the threads over 10.000 posts it stopped for some reason, and if I had time to stop by I saw some fights going on between loungers and fangirls so I stayed away for a while and now I've got all this work for school and I've rarely got time for anything :| so no time for spamming but I would like to pick up posting again, I loved it here :>
    naahhh I don't really know, last year I was so nervous about the new album but now I'm not really that anxious to hear new stuff, when I heard every teardrop is a waterfall for the first time I thought "what the hell is this" but that song has grown on me now, still like the old material so much more though <3
    and I do really like Charlie Brown and Major Minus :wacky:
    the thing is I don't have any money at the moment so I can't go buy MX just yet, and I don't want to listen to it on the internet for the first time, that is againt my priciples :p so I'm still waiting to buy it.
    and even if it isn't any good, I'll still love Colplday, I saw then live for the first time in july :awesome: front row, I cried so much :shy:
    and about paradise video, I think it's quite funny :laugh3: but don't really like the song :confused: only the part where jonny's guitar comes through <3
    (since when are there only 1000 caracter allowed in one post :inquisitive: I'll split it in 2 then ;))

    I don't know what I'll do next :thinking: something science-y that is for sure :p and thank you :shy:
    I can imagine you're happy :awesome: would be kinda wrong if you weren't :| hahah
    wait ? WHAT DID JONNNY SEND YOU :shocked2:
    Hi Ellen :D
    I'm good, kinda... school is very buzy it's my last year in high school and it gives me alot of stress lately :| but I'll get through I hope
    but how are you ?? I saw you got married, I'm so happy for you :3
    Yeaah it's not too terribly far away...but I'm still anxious to see my sister and my dog!
    I have my own room, but there are 400 people in the building!

    What do you think of the new Coldplay songs? Are you excited for the album? Less than a week away :dance:
    Ahh congrats! I saw the photos that you posted in the lounge...you looked beautiful! I love your dress :awesome:
    Yes my new school is about 3 hours away from my hometown. So it's not far, but I can only go home when I can catch a ride from a friend because I don't have my own car. So I went home the last few weekends but now I won't be going home until November. I miss my dog haha!
    I'm taking Sociology and English as my major and minor, and I also have a statistics course and a history course.
    What are you up to this year? Are you working or going to school?
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