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    LP8 Thread - Everyday Life

    I'm listening now!
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    Live in São Paulo Album

    PM me too, please!
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    Count to 1

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    The Butterfly Package - AHFOD Live Album/Movie

    Do the vinyl and cassette of Live In Buenos Aires have different fading? The first CD ends with Charlie Brown, but I guess that the other versions are not the same. I'm just curious.
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    Los Unidades

    I just found this on Facebook and I needed to share it. Have a nice day.
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    Los Unidades

    Mobile Link: I'm shocked.
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    The Butterfly Package - AHFOD Live Album/Movie

    When I showed the butterfly to my girlfriend, her first reaction was: "It's menstruating!". I hadn't noticed.
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    Songnames in your own language.

    Hasta que el reino venga Now My Feet Won't Touch the Ground
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    Up&Up Music Video

    Guy Merryman?[emoji38]
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    Up&Up Music Video

    Did you notice that the edit used for the MV is not the radio one?
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    Amazing Day Visuals

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    Up&Up To Become The Next Single From A Head Full of Dreams