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  • Hey! Hadn't realized it'd been so long since I was on here. Crazy!
    The best way to say it is life has changed. Quite dramatically I guess, but slowly over time. How are you?!
    Hope you're well too!
    Let me try to find it :escaping:

    Welll i can't but it's a clean and clear commercial and it goes like "Fruity fruity such a cutie, papapapineapple papapaparadise" :lol:
    Yeah like some instruments were nice sounding to my ears~ lol but yeah isn't there a song for some lotion that says "papa paradise"? hahah oh god :sad:
    haaa :awesome: Do you know which site it will stream via radio? the coldplaying chat are listening to some internet radio..
    Yeah I heard the preview too, the begining sounded okay but then the rest was weird Chris' voice is.. duhherpdo, like he's trying to be loud..

    I'll see when the full song is up. :tongue:
    I miss it so much omg :heart: but the rest of the songs like Up in Flames sounds lovely :surprised: But I mean we'll be the judge of that. Description is one thing.
    I just love instruments :nice:
    He should realize that as long as he wants to make music that he'll be happy and it doesn't matter :sad:
    Yeah, it's better than having 25 albums and only 7 are good or something. :heart: 5 great albums. Or 4.
    Hhaa I was thinking of that too! I feel like they went backwards with this one, and VLV sounds ahead of it's time IMO.
    They have a nice unique sound, like.. pretty :awesome:
    No I mean they've only got 5 albums, but yeah they could do another trilogy :wacky: Hopefully!
    usually the biggest bands make like 20 albums or something.. But they take so long to make one ;__;
    They sound TOTES better than in a keyboard, I'll probably just use it for organs.
    I think it might grow on me aswell, I'm not sure though but this usually happens.
    Aren't they too popular to become sellouts? but I guess it's that if they just make music to be popular..
    Yeah it's not the end of the world, maybe this album wasn't a good one. Doesn't mean that it'll continue like that in the next. They still got a few albums to do.. 5 is few.
    For the new one? maybe just a yamaha keyboard with organs. My dad wants a classic piano. OoOoO :heart:
    They are old :(
    Yeah I think he can do recorded versions but not that much live. I just watched Glastonbury on tv, yikes but yeah in some parts I can hear it. I agree, he plays piano really nicely! Like Postcard From Far Away, or a lot of songs from Viva.
    I don't know I just loved the viva era D: I want it back ;__;
    I think I'm getting a new one, my old one is from the late 80's :lol: but thanks
    Maybe she's going all the way to Canada and you'll see her jhajah.
    Yeah! The begining sounds like some kid song but when Chris' starts chanting it's Coldplay.
    I also like Moving to Mars, his voice is a little too low, to be honest it's not really as great as it used to be.
    You want some piano? or a? :lol: Mine boke ):
    They're pretty well known band, I haven't seen them in mainstream or anything like that. My dentist was talking to her assistant and said that she was going to a Maroon 5 concert lol.

    Not really, I don't hate it but it could be better. I want to decide until the album is out and give it a good listen. Whadda you think? :tongue:
    Lucky :surprised:
    Ohh, I haven't heard anything else from them since when i liked This Love when I was 8 hjahjaha.
    Have fun :wacky:
    Haha, I wouldn't say that. We just haven't talked in a while. SURE~
    I've been good! A lot of friends and school is calm and everything is nice. Some bumps you know, but everything's good :nice: How are you? :awesome: Anything cool happen?
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