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  • Hey laxwatcher, how have you been? I just had a quick question for you. Where did you get your avatar picture? I have been trying to find the video (or a picture) that Coldplay used for the Hurts Like Heaven visuals. I know I have seen it before, I just cannot remember where. Thanks! :D
    Hey laxwatcher. No problem, will do :D I like the Waiting To Die Alone demo! That sounds awesome!!
    Ok, makes sense, I will gladly join in. So do I just write on the thread my song choice and you add it up?
    I would love to do it, but I am not really sure how to play. I checked it out and it looks pretty cool. How exactly do I vote?
    Hello (I don't know your name:()
    I've been listening carefully to your work and as a massive fan I think I've found from where you'd taken the live versions of each song!
    Thank you for doing that:)
    OMG THIS SOUNDS FANTASTIC!!SORRY FOR ALL CAPS BUT WOW....I might be speaking too soon but the sound quality is amazing! You never cease to amaze me! I also need to sub to your YT channel. The whole thing flows smoothly so far...i will let you know about the rest, but until then...great job! I just noticed...did you forget to put Violet Hill on? Or did you just not have enough room? Either way I'm just wondering. It's not a big deal though. :p
    I haven't listened to it yet. My flash player, Adobe, has been crashing all day sorry. I will get to it as soon as possible.
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