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    ===The ultimate Oldplaying Thread===S, BS, TBR, P, AROBTTH, X&Y, VLV, PM===

    i like this song too, but for some reason what i like about this song is everything before it explodes into chorus with chris singing 'carry your world' - don't know why i find that main part a bit anti climatic, but still a lovely song nonetheless
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    ===The ultimate Oldplaying Thread===S, BS, TBR, P, AROBTTH, X&Y, VLV, PM===

    yes!!! exactly. I had this manually recorded on my minidisc player or whatever it was I was using back then, and still remember every word Chris said at the beginning and all the random noises throughout the recording.. then I waited patiently for them to release a studio version.. I think they...
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    ===The ultimate Oldplaying Thread===S, BS, TBR, P, AROBTTH, X&Y, VLV, PM===

    sigh... I spent my teenage years with Parachutes and Rush of blood, Coldplay was my favourite band (next to RH). I basically grew up with Coldplay songs, there were some b-sides I especially cherished and could listen to all night long, e.g. Easy to please, I ran away, Gravity (live - not the...
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    wow, i haven't been here in the longest time and this thread still exists.. what do you mean, "but not for this album"?
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    Criticisms with the album?

    I was looking forward to this album after hearing it being compared to their old stuff (just like what you said), but I have to admit I am a bit underwhelmed. Their old stuff (pre rush of blood) I could listen to for hours on end back in the days, never grew tired of them. I'm already a bit...
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    Chris and Gwyneth announced their separation

    now it seems the focus has shifted to what gwyneth said in her second statement about her life being way more challenging than the rest of yours
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    Chris and Gwyneth announced their separation

    the sad news brought me here, haven't been here in a long time... i never cared about celeb divorce but this one really saddens me, to be honest, mostly just for chris.
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    Have they lost their minds?

    This song makes me want to shrivel up an die- it's that bad.
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    What do you think of the new song 'Paradise'?

    Wow I really do not like this song. Could it be more overproduced ? Annoyed right now and very let down.
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    Songs you are currently really into/obsessed with.

    i had towers on repeat for quite some time too. love that song. the past few days i've had mumford & sons 'i gave you all' on forever repeat---- just one of those days... sigh
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    If MTM remains only a b-side, where does it rank among your favorites?

    I love love love love love this song. I was a rather sad coldplay fan for some time now, until I heard this song.... It's almost as good as my all time fav. b-side.. almost. 1. Easy to Please (maybe i'm biased but this song totally kills me) 2. Moving to Mars 3. I ran away 4. Gravity 5. Only...
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    This song has the edge they have been looking for

    it's probably not the edge they were looking for, as it reminds quite a bit of people of radiohead (for me, esp. hail to the thief), and last time chris apparently really disliked being compared to RH and modified 42 or whatever that song was off VLV, no? in any case. i like this song. i...
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    love love love this song--- i was so let down after hearing the ETIAW crap but now i am looking forward to LP5!
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    Bon Iver

    love the new album, it's on constant repeat in this household. love especially Towers, Perth, Holoscene.. I really can't say I dig Beth though.
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    Jason Lytle (of Grandaddy) / Admiral Radley

    where's the love for jason lytle