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  • It seems like you completely vanished from the internet! Facebook, last.fm, Tumblr, MSN. WHAT'S HAPPENING!
    I didn't know if you were alive or not but you are! How have you been doing lately? I haven't talked to you in forever. :sad:
    Ahh, that must suck. We never get summer homework here. Good luck though :wacky:

    I'm good thanks, getting anxious though as my Muse tickets haven't arrived yet when others have started getting theirs. :uhoh:
    Me too xD
    Around Sept' of 2009 or maybe around the summer, I was obsessed with them.
    And this was like a year after VLV so, it took a while, I got into their old stuff and got obsessed.

    I sorta stopped being obsessed but it came back recently :shame:

    Thank you! I like yours too! :awesome:
    Omg Innorite? :laugh3: I'm such a Chris fangirl :shame: I try to hide it, but fail :blank:
    I also like Vampire Weekend :nice:

    WELL YOU SEE I LIKE MGMT AND.. oh.. :blank:
    Well, okay theres MGMT, Arcade Fire, Metric, Regina Spektor, Mew,Radiohead,Imogen Heap, Beach House, and some Noah and the Whale, and yeah Vampire Weekdays :tongue:

    YES. Coldplay goes to numbah' one for me :nice:
    I do like other bands a lot, but I like to make Coldplay my first, they're like part of my comfort zone, if ya know what I mean.
    Innorite, I'm so awesome :charming:

    So, Kendalluluululuu, umm.. *thinks of small talk* .. like, what other bands do you listen to? :wacko:
    That's true. :p

    My day was alright thanks, finally got some nice weather so went down to the beach :) How was yours?
    Haha, yeah I know what you mean :lol: I thought you were older aswell. :p
    Nah, it's not that exciting really, I would much prefer to live in America.:\
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