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  • LOL! Bad girl! Have a LOVELY holiday in my wet country! When you come back there will be something funny to look at! :) If Mara ever sends me her photo anyway! LOL..
    Well, I love London, it's a great city in my opinion :D Oh yes, they are !! They just have to go across the street, it's so practical !! ;)
    Awwww, I'll miss you, and the others will, too !! Hahha lol mine, too, definitely. :lol:
    Hello !! I did, yes, we went to the restaurant and yes it was okay ;) And your day?? :D It must be great to go to London soon :awesome:
    Oh no problem, I understand, but I thought it was funny xD
    LOL. I know. But I think it's got better lately (more pervy definitely! LOL).. I think particularly 'our' thread, since we've all taken up pretty much permanent residence in there, it's really become a nice little community. I even have the thread email me any replies when I am at work.. so that I can keep track on my iphone! LOL!
    We will. :D It's been very nice to get to know you Ellen. I really love reading your comments. It IS nice to know we aren't alone in this ... obsession... :D
    Yes VERY well hidden. Hiding things in plain sight often works, so I think you're doing a sterling job! LOL.. :D

    Thanks lunch with the family was nice.. but I'm glad they're gone now! LOL.. Family are lovely to see, and even lovlier to wish goodbye! :p
    Just wanted to say your 'interests' are.. umm interesting! LOL They made me laugh! :D

    It seems you're a little erm 'interested' in Chris Martin? :p (would NEVER have guessed :wink3::cool: :kiss:).
    Omdat ik dus een zitplaats had, gingen wij pas een half uur voordat de deuren opengingen in de rij staan. Haha, toen die deuren opengingen werd iedereen om ons heen helemaal gek! :lol: Rennen, jongens, rennen!! :laugh3: Ik was helemaal 'stunned' toen de show afgelopen was.Als ik er weer aan denk krijg ik weer een grote lach op m'n gezicht :) Als je dat wilt doen zou het wel heel leuk zijn! :)
    Oooooh, gaaf! :D Stond je lang in de rij buiten te wachten? Lijkt me zo gezellig om de hele dag met al die mensen daar te wachten! :) Ik had een zitplek, maar een superplek! Ik had een plekje links van het podium, ik kon alles zo goed zien, inclusief Chris' massive arms! :lol: Nee, helaas, ik ga niet naar Malieveld.. :(
    Hahah, zeker! :lol: Hoe vond je het december? Ik vond het.. waauw. Geweldige avond! :wideeyed: Mijn innerlijke fangirl kwam weer naar boven bij UATW, weet je nog? Toen we Will, Jonny en Guy een 'Dutch welcome' moesten geven :)
    Great! Then I´ll maybe meet you there!
    Ahoy was my first gig too, but it took me 3 months to decide I wanted to go....
    But now I have my ticket and I can´t wait till Sept. 6th!
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