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  • Well, at first, Bonn is famous for its carnival. Not as famous as the ones in Cologne or Duesseldorf.
    Mmmhhh, food.... I found, that there are some breweries. You know, where beer is brewed.
    I can't really find any special food. I think it'll be just normal German food. I didn't see that there is a speciality. :thinking:
    Well, what exactly do you need this for?
    Give me a sec and I'll look something up for you.
    I think I was in Bonn, once, but I wasn't there for ages. I don't really know anything about this city, but let me have a look. :)
    HI, well at first, my birthday is august, 1st, 1990.

    and you already told me that coldplay isn't your obsession. :)

    and, sure, we can chat in the afternoon (night here). I think the time difference was 6 hours or so, right? Now it's 4.34 pm here in Germany. so you can look at what time I sent this message. I think the date of this post will be at your time.

    PS: :laugh4: :laugh4: I don't know what happened to these pictures, but was me standing in the louvre in front of the painting of delacroix, which coldplay used for their fourth album.
    I really don't know what happened.
    and btw. the thing which are standing there in german:

    Die gewünschte Seite konnte nicht gefunden werden --> The desired page couldn't be found.

    Die Seite, die Du gesucht hast, konnte bei uns leider nicht gefunden werden.

    --> The page, whiche you were looking for, could unfortunately not found.

    Wenn Du die Adresse direkt in die Adresszeile Deines Browsers eingegeben hast, überprüfe bitte die Eingabe.

    --> If you put the adress directly into the adress bar of your browser, check your entry, please.

    when I checked these links and sent them to you, they worked. :thinking: maybe I'll upload them another time again.
    Oh, NOOOOOO, I'm sooo sorry. I wasn't on for a long time. I'm soooo sorrry, that I forgot this.

    belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! :dance: :hat: :jester: :joker: :hat2: :juggle: :clown: :sunny:

    I'm really sorry. What can I do to make this right again. :thinking:

    well, maybe with this. In Paris, I was in the Louvre and I made some pictures of a very SPECIAL painting. :sneaky:



    hope you like it. :D

    SOOOOooooo, what did you do on your birthday? Did you get presents? and if, what?
    oh, actually great. After easter I was in Paris with my Mum. And now back in school. :dozey:
    And I got to know that I'll write my english test next week and the math test is following two weeks after that.
    Well, I'll be so happy if all the stuff ends. :)
    and you? how are you?
    , well, but you could go on the internet, so, that's something. better than nothing ;);)

    this week is so exhausting. :D I hope that it'll be soon weekend, so that I can relax a little bit. :)
    yeah, because of eastern we have two weeks vacations. It's not really called the "holy week" here, but it's something like that.

    Well, I totally hope that you'll enjoy your vacations, even if they're just in two weeks, so, but I think you won't die if you have to wait ;)
    for me it's just one week and then I'll have vacations. :)
    Oh, I'm quite fine, thanks!!!! :D
    I'm ok. Today is my last normal school day and well, again we are allowed that we can do what ever we want in computer-science!!! ;)
    Next week, we have our project week and there, all art classes, music classes, choir and the literatur classes will do ... stuff.
    I'm in literature adn this means that we'll practice for our theatre play!! :)
    I guess, it's going to be quite funny, so I don't see it as a normal school week or a week that will suck.
    AND after that, I'll have two weeks holidays!! :wacky:
    I can't wait to do whatever I want. ok, actually, I already have holidays, because I'm here!!
    My teacher in comuter-science is a great teacher. He's strict, but a great teacher!

    Talk to you!! *waveing*

    Wow, that's great, isn't it?
    That was the one you wanted to win, right?

    Well, talk to you later. Now I'll use my time here (again in informatica [right?]) to lurk a bit around the forum!!! :D:D
    :D:D :laugh4:

    Ok, that's a simple question which I can answer.

    "btw" means "by the way"
    you know, you wanna add something and by the way is too long for writing. It's just used if you talk to someone.

    Ok, yeah politic is sometimes a boring topic. I mean it's important, but not thrilling, if you know what I mean!
    I have one question!

    How did you come from the politic topic to britney spears? (btw. I hate her, either!!! :dozey: )

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